Trade Sales Representative Hai Duong

Job Description


Khu vc lm vic: Hi Dng
. Lp k hoch kinh doanh t mc tiu v nhm p ng cc mc tiu ca vng qun l thng qua vic thc y lu lng th trng v ti u ha s sn c sn phm
. Thit lp mi quan h vi ngi bn l v ngi bn bun khm ph cc nhu cu, tip nhn n hng v tng lng sn phm tn kho
. Thc hin cc cuc cho hng mi ngy tng s lng n hng, kim tra hng tn kho, v bo m vic bn hng thch hp ca mi khch hng
. Qun l cng n ca khch hng
. m phn hp ng vi khch hng c c gii php i bn cng c li nhm t c mc tiu ng thi tha mn cc nhu cu ca khch hng
. Bo m cc ca hng thc hin bn hng ph hp vi cc k vng ca Abbott nhm ti a ha s sn c sn phm v doanh s tim nng
. Chng minh tnh u vit ca cc sn phm Abbott t quan im ca khch hng, nhn mnh vo cc u im v ROI ca thng hiu Abbott
. Tc ng khch hng duy tr s cn bng hp l gia hng tn kho v tn dng th trng lin quan n thu hi cng n, thng qua vic k cu chuyn thng hiu thuyt phc c s lin kt n vic tng doanh s v lu lng ngi mua
. Thc hin nh gi hng thng v hiu qu ca knh phn phi v lp k hoch khc phc cc knh tt hu nhm t c mc tiu
. Tc ng cc nh phn phi vn chuyn hng tn kho v tun th k hoch l trnh ph hp vi k hoch khch hng
. Bo m b sung y lng hng tn kho hng ngy t c cc mc tiu hng tun, hng thng v hng quJOB FAMILY:
Sales ForceDIVISION:
Vietnam Hai Phong : Sholega BuildingADDITIONAL LOCATIONS:
Continuous walking for prolonged periods (more than 2 hours at a time in an 8 hour day)

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