Senior Project Engineer - Abbott Pharmaceuticals

Senior Project Engineer - Abbott Pharmaceuticals

Abbott Nutrition Health Institute (ANHI)
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Job Description

  • H tr trng phng hon thnh mc tiu ca phng k thut/ Support line manager to ensure the fulfillment of the Engineering department's objectives
  • Qun l hot ng d n hiu qu v ng qui nh GMP/EHS/ Manage the project effectively and in accordance with GMP/ EHS regulations
  • m bo tt c cc d n u ph hp v mt k thut cho mc ch v p ng cc yu cu theo lut nh. cung cp u vo cho cc nh gi qun tr d n/ Ensure of all projects are technically fit for purpose and meet the statutory requirements. To provide input to project governance reviews.
  • m bo rng nhm k thut v bt k nh thu k thut bn th ba no tun theo k hoch cht lng d n tng th c cung cp bi ngi qun l d n vn trong sut vng i d n/ Ensure that the technical team and any 3rd party technical contractors adhere to the overall project quality plan provided by the capital projects manager throughout the project lifecycle
  • Tham d/ chu trch nhim cc nh gi thit k v an ton v gim st vic theo di cc kt qu cc d n/ Attends/ In charge of the design and safety reviews and supervises the follow up of all the project
  • Tham d vic nh gi ri ro c lin quan n k thut/ Participates to Risk management for the engineering concern.
  • Chu trch nhim cc bo co d n lin quan n k thut/ Contributes to Project reporting for the engineering part
  • m bo cc hot ng k thut tun th tin d n ra/ Ensures that engineering activity is compliant with project milestones as scheduled
  • m bo s phi hp hiu qu gia cc phng ban. a ra cc quyt nh k thut cn thit gii quyt cc vn pht sinh trong d n/ Ensures effective coordination with function department. Takes the necessary technical decisions of project problem
  • Kim tra v thc hin cc bin php an ton lao ng, v sinh cng nghip v phng chng chy n/ Inspection and implementation of measures for occupational safety, industrial hygiene and fire and explosion prevention.

  • C kin thc tt v an ton lao ng v GMP/ Having good knowledge of safety at work and GMP.
  • C kh nng phn tch nguyn nhn cc vn v phn tch cc bo co/ Capability to analyzing the cause of problem and analyzing reports
  • C nhng k nng lm vic nh: lm vic nhm, t quyt nh, tn trng, sng to, hp tc, on kt v hiu qu cng vic/ Having working skills such as: team work, make decision, respect, creativity, cooperate, solidarity, performance
  • K nng Anh ng v vi tnh tt/ Good English and informatics (Autocad & Excel) skills

  • i hc k thut chuyn ngnh c kh hoc in/ University in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering.

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