Senior Key Account Executive (MT channel)

Senior Key Account Executive (MT channel)

Abbott Nutrition Health Institute (ANHI)
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Job Description

Contribute to the long-term growth of Abbott Nutrition products in territory by servicing a defined customer base on a specific route and dedicated days, weeks or monthly cycles as set out by the customer manager of the region and to achieve volume targets by taking orders and placing them as per the standard Abbott operating procedure.
  • Reporting directly to: Key Account Manager
  • Working location: Flemington Building, Dist.11, HCMC

Core job responsibilities:
Main responsibilities:
  • Xy dng & duy tr mi quan h tt cng pht trin vi khch hng
  • H tr & gii quyt cc vn pht sinh c nguy c nh hng n chui khch hng trong qu trnh trin khai thc hin quy trnh bn hng & trng by
  • Phi hp vi cc b phn lin quan son tho & hon tt th tc cho cc tha thun thng mi & dch v
  • Qun l v cp nht ngn sch theo tha thun thng mi & dch v trong nhm khch hng ph trch
  • Ving thm im bn, lm vic vi i tc chnh (qun l chui khch hng, qun l mua hng, ti chnh) xut gii php nng cao hiu qu hp tc kinh doanh theo yu cu ca KAM
  • Kin thc c bn v knh bn hng/ pht trin ngnh hng
  • Qun l khch hng cp bo co trc tip
  • Kt hp vi cc b phn Marketing, CMM, Finance, Logistic thc thi chin lc ngn & di hn pht trin chui khch hng
  • Thng lng cc iu khon thng mi & hp ng kinh doanh vi cc khch hng ph trch
  • Lp k hoch hoc h tr KAM lp k hoch duy tr v pht trin nhm t mc tiu doanh thu trn cc cc khch hng c ph trch
  • Theo di bo co bn hng ca chui khch hng nhm m bo t mc tiu doanh s c phn b & doanh s gia tng khi cn thit theo mc tiu ca ton cng ty
  • Kt hp vi cc b phn lin quan (SUP, OTC, TSC, Log, Khch hng) nhm h tr thu hi cng n trong chui khch hng ph trch
  • Thng lng & tin hnh cc th tc a sn phm ca ANI vo danh mc sn phm ti cc chui khch hng ph trch
  • xut vi KAM thit k cc chng trnh trng by c tr ph & cc chng trnh POSM/Trade & Consumer Promotion cc chui khch hng ph trch.

Work Experience:
  • Industry experiences:
  • Multiple product business
  • Growth business/acquisition
  • Mature/declining business
  • Renewal/turn-around
  • Long range Planning
  • Strategy development, execution, and measurement
  • P&L, budgeting, planning & forecasting, finance
  • Risk-based analysis and decision making, and contingency planning
  • Talent management/development
  • Sales & distribution skills
  • Regulatory, QA, legal policies/environment

Position experiences:
  • Execute a series of increasingly complex brand management assignments in multiple categories. Work in more than one business, in more than one geographic location.
  • Turn around under-performing or failing brand(s). Take on and succeed with assignments where risks and opportunities are high. Overcome obstacles.
  • Launch new brands and new products. Bring innovations to existing brands and products to market.
  • Move from an operational doing role to a strategic one. Achieve results through teams rather than individual effort.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of business drivers and an ability to influence them to achieve growth.
  • Carry brand strategy and P&L responsibility.
  • Possess a track record of tangible results in each role

Core Skill Requirement:
  • Required Brand Management Expertise
  • Stage gate analyses/product development processes
  • Launch recommendations
  • Customer, consumer, and shopper insights and understanding
  • Category dynamics
  • Brand visioning and positioning
  • Product branding and messaging
  • Complex pricing strategies
  • Competitive benchmarking and strategies
  • Resource acquisition & allocation
  • Marketing spend ROI
  • Promotions, advertising, external agency relationships
  • Trade/retail and/or healthcare/institutional marketing
  • Media relations
  • Language Skills:
  • English proficient
  • Computer Skills:
  • Able to utilize computer programs such as notes, excel and PowerPoint to compile, build, analyses and consolidate data.

Core Trait/Behavior Requirement:
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Self-starter, aggressive for constant improvements
  • Capable of timely and fast, accurate deliverables
  • Strong at adaptability

  • Bachelor's Degree or Above

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