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Senior Expert, Retail & Small BB Credit Risk Management (40001478)

Techcombank (TCB)


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Job Description

Job Purpose

Retail banking & Small business banking risk management policies and strategies focus on customer centrix, ensuring the sustainable development of retail banking & small business banking credit portfolio in accordance with advanced standards and practices.

Key Accountabilities (1)
1. Research And Development

  • Research, analyze, measure and quanify risks occuring from changes in legal policies, economics (macroeconomics, microeconomics, economic cycles,...), financial markert to evaluate the effects/impacts on retail & small BB credit activities;
  • Research and update advanced risk management standards, techniques, models and practices;
  • Research and select outsourcing partners to provide professional advice on risk management standards for TCB.
  • Communicate and perform training to ensure that units can understand clearly and apply

Key Accountabilities (2)
2. Professional Tasks

  • Design, build and systematize the retail & small BB credit risk policies reasonably to meet business needs, long-term plans and new market trends, as well as in line with risk management framework;
  • Develop and customize base solutions: risk management methods/ models/ rule base/ advanced practices;
  • Own the process of defining, testing and production release, of Champion challenger , test cell , and Model strategies within the respective decision support systems
  • Line Of Business risk management: Credit Line Management
  • Risk transfer strategy (ABS, MBS & Insurance)
  • Implementation of retail & small BB risk management:
  • Define Target Market determination, Risk Segmentation strategy and building unsecured lending product programs based on agreed Risk Appetite
  • Risk Appetite Strategy and monitoring
  • Creator & Owner of Underwriting standards
  • Policy Conformance review
  • New Business campaign policy , Cross sell / Upsell and down sell campaign policy
  • Test cells and Champion Challenger strategies
  • Exception Policy and Underwriting
  • Down turn strategy and Management
  • Receive/contribute comments to develop/adjust general policies of units related to retail & small BB credit.
  • Develop an early-warning system: Early Loss mitigation opportunities
  • Manage credit portfolio
  • Identification of quality growth opportunities and ensure sustained growth in Assets and topline
  • Tail Risk Management
  • Portfolio mix and shaping
  • Portfolio monitoring , loss forecasting and early warning and early loss mitigation models
  • Provide Strategy performance reports to determine efficacy of strategies defined within decision support systems.
  • Bureau reporting and Bureau Services
  • Own the process of defining, testing and production release, of Champion challenger, test cell, and Model strategies within the respective decision support systems
  • Contribute Retail banking & Small business banking Risk transformation:
  • Support Strategic and BAU initiatives with respect to Retail banking & Small business banking Risk
  • Participate to build and Manage Decision support systems
  • Participate to develop data eco system both internal and external data for risk life cycle decision support

Key Accountabilities (3)
3. Human Resource Management And Development

- Participate in strategic projects, inter-Division projects and projects of the Risk Management Division with the objective of (i) identify risks of the unit during operation, (ii) coordinate with related units to provide solutions in measuring and mitigating risks, ensuring compliance with the bank's policies and development realities in each period.

  • As a coordinator to allocate job, control job's quality and guide team member,...
  • Manage human resource, develop and enhance staff's professional competencies
  • Perform other related tasks at the request of the Division Director and/or the Division Director.

Success Profile - Qualification and Experiences
- Degree/Occupation: University graduate or above majoring in economics/finance/banking/statistics

  • Minimum 5 years experience in risk management; 02 years of management experience in banking
  • Minimum TOEIC 650 or equivalent

Overview Knowlege About Risk Management

  • Have in- depth knowledge about risk and risk management
  • Understand laws and regulations
  • Understand Vietnamese and international standards about risk management
  • Understand type of risks (including credit risk, operational risk, industry risk) related to develop policies and products
  • Understand products, operation of banking and financial services for retail customer
  • Other professional knowledge:
  • Have basic knowledge of data analysis and make decisions based on data results
  • Having basic knowledge about the method of building risk management models and applying the model to develop policies
  • Have background knowledge on appraisal/approval for retail customer

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