Quality Control Supervisor

Quality Control Supervisor

Abbott Nutrition Health Institute (ANHI)
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Job Description

1. Yu cu v trnh / Qualification Requirement:
1.1 V hc vn/ Referred Education:
Tt nghip trung cp n i hc cc ngnh Ha, Dc
Graduated from intermediate or University of chemistry or pharmacy
1.2 V kinh nghim/ Referred Experience:
2.1 C kinh nghim lm vic trong phng kim nghim, hiu bit v kim nghim.
Having experience in the laboratory and have knowledge testing
2. Phm vi cng vic/ Job Scope:
2.1 K thay cho trng/ph phng khi trng/ph phng vng mt
Sign for QC manager when QC manager manager are absent.
2.2 Qun l v ph trch k thut trong phng th nghim
Management and technical responsibilities in the laboratory.
2.3 Kim tra h s hiu chun v bo tr thit b
Review the calibration and maintenance report of Equipment.
2.4 o to cp nht v m rng kin thc chuyn mn v k thut vn hnh thit b cho kim nghim vin phng QC

Training to update and expand technical expertise and equipment operation techniques for QC analyst.
2.5 Gii quyt, iu tra cc s c ca thit b
Solving, investigating the incident, deviation of Equipment.
2.6 Chu trch nhim qun l h thng ti liu nh my bng vic h tr cc yu cu to hoc thay i cho ti liu, x l cc yu cu thay i trong h thng qun l ti liu in t DARIUS
Responsible for management of site documentation by support requests for creation or changes to documents, processing change requests in the DARIUS electronic document management system.
2.7 Nhn dng c/ thit b mi, thm nh thit b theo quy trnh tng ng v c hng dn s dng dng c/thit b mi
Receive new instrument/equipment, validate for equipments as per the respective SOP and get this instruction for use of instrument/equipment.
2.8 Hiu chun v bo tr dng c/thit b ca phng QC theo k hoch v c ph duyt t b phn lin quan v lu tr bo co vi tng h s ring
To calibrate and maintain QC department instrument /equipment as per schedule and get the approval from relevant department and archive the report with respective file.
2.9 Tin hnh o to kim nghim vin thc hin kim mu trn cc thit b phn tch
Performing training for analyst about testing sample on equipments
2.10 Son v Cp nht cc SOP lin quan n thit b
Prepare and Update SOPs related to Equipment
2.11 Lp v theo di k hoch bo tr hiu chun thit b QC
Preparing and monitoring the plan for calibrating and maintaining Equipment in QC dept
2.12 H tr cc kim nghim vin khi cn thit
Support for analyst if necessary
2.13 Thc hin cc cng vic khc theo phn cng ca trng phng
Perform the other works as the assign of quality control manager
3. Cc trch nhim chnh/ Key Responsibilities:
3.1 m bo cc kt qu hiu chun bo tr v h s ghi chp phi ng
Ensure calibration result and documentation are correct
3.2 m bo cc thit b c hiu chun v bo tr, thm nh ng theo k hoch, qui trnh v y
Ensure the equipment is calibrated and maintained, validates as planned, corrective SOPs and completeness
3.3 m bo cc nhn vin c o to cc kin thc v k nng cn thit cho cng vic
Ensure all staffs are trained the knowledge and skills for work
3.4 m bo cc cng vic c giao hon thnh y , ng hn
Ensure all assignments to be completed on time
3.5 Tun th th cc qui nh GMP
Complies as GMP requirements
4. Cc k nng lm vic/ Job Skills:
4.1 Lm vic nhm
Team work
4.2 Bit t chc, sp xp cng vic
Skill of organization and arrangement
4.3 C kin thc v kinh nghim lm vic trong phng QC.
Have knowledge and experience in QC work
4.4 C kh nng lnh o
Capable leadership

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