Quality Control Staff

Quality Control Staff

Abbott Nutrition Health Institute (ANHI)
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Job Description

  • Gim st hot ng ca b phn dn nhn c ph hp vi quy trnh chun.
  • Cn c vo nhng thng tin v d liu nhn c t nh cung cp, da trn quy nh kim mu kim sot sn phm ti cc chuyn sn xut.
  • Kim sot vic v sinh v dn quang dy chuyn trc khi bt u sn phm mi.
  • Kim sot vic thc hin cc biu mu quy nh: Hng dn cng vic, Phiu yu cu dn nhn
  • Kim sot cht lng sn phm 1 cch ngu nhin trn chuyn sn xut kp thi pht hin im khng ph hp trong qu trnh dn nhn
  • Gim st qu trnh dn nhn:
  • ng sn phm, ng l, hn dng ca sn phm trn chuyn so vi Phiu yu cu dn nhn.
  • V tr nhn c dn trn sn phm c ng vi qui nh v s lng tem, nhn ng theo Hng dn dn nhn.
  • S ph hp qui cch sn phm nh : mu m sn phm v loi tem c dn trn lon sa.
  • Kim sot vic xp hng ln pallet (cc thng tin ca sn phm phi c xoay ra mt ngoi, quy cch pallet) v nhn dn th hin ng tnh trng ca sn phm.Kim sot, phn loi v chuyn kho cc sn phm h hng mi ngy.
  • Bo co ngay cho QA, Trng BP QA, trng BP VAS khi pht hin nhng im khng ph hp trong qu trnh hot ng.
  • Thc hin cc nhim v khc do trng b phn phn cng.
  • xut cc vn lin quan n cng tc chuyn mn p ng vic tit kim, hiu qu cng vic v tho mn khch hng.
  • p dng cc bin php tc thi phng v ngn chn ngay cc v vic c th gy ra hu qu nghim trng lm thit hi n li ch ca Cng ty
  • Lin h trc tip vi cc trng nhm v yu cu nhn vin VAS phi thc hin ng quy trnh lm vic v khc phc sai lch (nu c)

On ANHI.org, you will find more than 150 self-study courses that are accredited for nurses, dietitians and/or case managers. All courses are free* of charge.We offer a range of continuing education topics across different disease states from neonatal to elderly care. You can find information by topic such as malnutrition, diabetes, preterm infant nutrition, and breastfeeding.

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