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Job Description

At AIA we've started an exciting movement to create a healthier, more sustainable future for everyone.
So if you believe in inspiring a better future, read on.
WE ARE LOOKING FOR .....Chu trch nhim pht trin, qun l mt vng kinh doanh nhm t cc ch tiu c giao, ng thi m bo cht lng kinh doanh, thng qua vic:
(1) thc y tng trng ti cc khu vc
(2) tng s lng XF, tng trng cc khu vc kinh doanh
(3) trin khai k hoch kinh doanh cp khu vc, qun l thc thi k hoch ca XC.
Bo co: Qun l, i ng T vn vin cao cp
Khu vc: H Ch Minh
B phn: Pht trin Kinh doanh - knh Exchange
1. Xy dng K hoch:

  • Da vo ch tiu giao hng nm, XH phn b ch tiu cho vn phng v a ra nh hng k hoch trin khai
  • Lp k hoch pht trin, trin khai kinh doanh ca vn phng ph trch
  • Xem xt, nh gi mc kh thi, mc u tin ca k hoch kinh doanh, la chn nhim v u tin
  • Trin khai, xem xt, iu chnh khi cn thit

2. Pht trin con ngi:
  • Tuyn dng, o to, km cp pht trin Cp qun l i l trong khu vc p ng v s lng v cht lng
  • Nhn din, chn lc ng vin, km cp & pht trin i l tim nng

3. Pht trin Cp Qun l:
  • nh gi kh nng, tim nng pht trin cp qun l
  • T vn cp qun l xy dng c cu t chc hiu qu, quy trnh vn hnh, pht trin nng lc i ng h tr

4. m bo Cht lng Kinh doanh:
  • m bo cc khu vc hot ng kinh doanh lnh mnh, gi vng hnh nh uy tn ca cng ty
  • m bo cc hot ng kinh doanh din ra lnh mnh, m bo duy tr ph ti tc.

5. D n, cng vic khc:
  • Tham gia cc d n cp vng/ min v thc hin cc cng vic khc theo yu cu ca qun l trc tip

1. Lnh o v Qun l i nhm:
  • Kh nng dn dt i ng t mc tiu xy dng i nhm nng lc, phn b ngun lc hp l, hiu qu gim st nhn vin thc thi k hoch, ng vin, khch l i ng

2. Lp k hoch & chuyn giao kt qu:
  • Kh nng phn tch bi cnh, phn tch s liu xc nh cc chin thut, hot ng u tin ch cht. T a ra k hoch kinh doanh ca khu vc.
  • Kh nng trin khai, gim st k hoch kinh doanh nhm m bo qun l/kim sot c kt qu cui cng ca vng khu vc ph trch v a ra cc gii php ng ph ph hp, kp thi khi cn thit.
  • S dng phn b ngn sch thc y kinh doanh hp l, hiu qu.

3. Gii quyt vn :
  • Kh nng giao tip, trnh by mang tnh thuyt phc, logic.
  • Phn tch, xc nh nguyn nhn ct li, a ra cc gii php kh thi gii quyt mu thun pht sinh trong phm vi qun l mt cch hiu qu, c bin php ngn nga khng ti din.

4. Khai vn, t vn, km cp, o to:
  • Kh nng p dng nhun nhuyn phng php c vn (mentoring) t vn (conseling) khai vn (coaching) gip thc y kt qu kinh doanh ca cc cp qun l i l.
  • Kh nng ng lp o to cho cp Qun l ngoi hng.

5. Kh nng thch ng Cng ngh:
  • Kh nng thch ng nhanh, s dng thnh tho cc cng c cng ngh h tr kinh doanh. Thc y vic p dng cng c cng ngh ca i l, gia tng t l ngi dng trn ton khu vc ph trch.

6. Lnh o truyn cm hng:
  • Truyn t r rng u tin v k vng trong cng vic

7. Kin nh trong thc thi:
  • Thc y vai tr v trch nhim ca tng thnh vin

8. Ham hc hi:
  • Th hin tinh thn ham hc hi v sn sng th nghim cc phng php mi

9. C vn tn tm:
  • o to nhn vin, ng nghip, pht trin b phn/nhm



AIA Group Limited, often known as AIA , is a Hong Kong-based American multinational insurance and finance corporation. It is the largest public listed life insurance and securities group in Asia-Pacific. It offers insurance and financial services, writing life insurance for individuals and businesses, as well as accident and health insurance, and offers retirement planning, and wealth management services, variable contracts, investments and securities.

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