Operations Support - SPX Express (Da Nang)

1-3 years
4 months ago
Job Description

Job Description:

  • Chu trch nhim v chnh xc 100% trong cc bo co hot ng nh k theo ngy/tun/thng/nm.
  • Phi hp vi cc B phn lin quan nh Ti u vn hnh, Mua sm, Sn phm m bo h hiu r v hot ng vn hnh ca Hub v h tr h theo phn cng trong cc d n c th.
  • o su hiu bit v SPX ni chung v cc bu cc/khu vc c phn cng ni ring ch ng xc nh cc vn vn hnh cn ci thin.
  • Trc tip i xung cc bu cc, iu tra cc vn pht sinh v bo co cho Gim c khu vc nhm can thip kp thi v c cc hng dn cn thit.
  • Phi hp vi cc team trong khu vc v ph trch cc cng vic hnh chnh cho ton b khu vc, bao gm nhng khng gii hn vic t chc s kin, t mua vn phng phm, kim sot ng phc, hon tt th tc thanh ton v cc nhim v pht sinh khc.
  • Chun b cc xut v son cc bi thuyt trnh theo phn cng.
  • a im lm vic: Nng


  • 1+ nm kinh nghim trong ngnh vi cc thnh tu nht nh.
  • Cn c kinh nghim qun tr
  • C kh nng lm vic tt vi con s v s chnh xc.
  • Chi tit v t m trong cng vic.
  • K nng giao tip ni v vit tt.



qu?n tr?
giao ti?p
Job Source: careers.shopee.sg

Shopee Pte. Ltd. is a Singaporean multinational technology company that specialises in e-commerce. The company was launched in Singapore in 2015, before it expanded abroad. As of 2021, Shopee is considered the largest e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia with 343 million monthly visitors.

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