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Job Description

Job Description:

1. Lp k hoch bo tr - bo dng

  • nh k thc hin lp k hoch bo tr - bo dng my mc thit b ti Kho.
  • Lp k hoch ngn sch theo thng/qu/nm v qun l/ kim sot chi ph pht sinh lin quan n cng tc bo tr & sa cha ti Kho.
  • 2. Sa cha, bo tr, bo dng
    nh k kim tra tnh trng hot ng ca my mc, thit b, h thng in ti Kho.
  • Tip nhn cc thng tin v h hng, s c t xut lin quan n my mc, thit b, h thng in v ln phng n x l v tin hnh sa cha nhanh chng.
  • Tm hiu nguyn nhn s c xy ra v a ra hng x l trit , khng gy nh hng n hot ng vn hnh ca Kho.
  • Ghi nhn, theo di v cp nht ni dung x l h hng, s c vo s ghi chp ca b phn.
  • Thc hin vic bo tr, bo dng cc my mc, thit b, h thng in ti Kho theo k hoch.

3. Lp t my mc thit b, h thng in

  • Lp t cc thit b c kh, h thng in, h thng tin ch ti Kho.
  • Phi hp vi cc n v/ b phn lin quan thc hin d n ci tin, lp t my mc thit b, h thng in ti Kho.

4. Cng vic khc

  • Lp h s qun l theo di tnh trng my mc, thit b ti Kho.
  • V sinh, bo qun cc cng c dng c, thit b phc v cng vic c giao.
  • Ch ng xut nhng gii php ci tin nng cao hiu qu cng vic bo tr.
  • Phi hp vi cc n v lin quan kim tra, theo di tnh trng hot ng v m bo tnh trng c s h tng, my mc thit b do Ch kho lp t trong tnh trng tt, sn sng hot ng.
  • Phi hp thc hin cc cng tc kim tra an ton lao ng v phng chy cha chy ti Kho.
  • Tham gia cc kha o to, hun luyn do Cng ty t chc.
  • Lm cc bo co cng vic theo quy nh v tham gia cc cuc hp ca b phn.
  • Thc hin cc cng vic khc khi c cp trn phn cng.


  • Kinh nghim trong lnh vc in dn dng, in cng nghip, c kh.
  • Kinh nghim lm vic v sa cha xe nng, bng ti l mt im mnh.
  • Tinh thn trch nhim vi cng vic.

Phc li:

  • Lng: tha thun ty vo nng lc.
  • Ph cp n tra, v cc quyn li khc. Cung cp o to, cng cc phc li v thng vo nhng
  • dp l tt theo quy nh ca cng ty.
  • Hng cc ch theo c quan nh nc: BHXH, BHYT, BHTN, v ngh cc ngy l theo c quan nh nc.

Shopee Pte. Ltd. is a Singaporean multinational technology company that specialises in e-commerce. The company was launched in Singapore in 2015, before it expanded abroad. As of 2021, Shopee is considered the largest e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia with 343 million monthly visitors.


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