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MIS Reporting Senior Specialist (Chuyên viên Cấp cao Hệ thống Thông tin và Báo cáo)

Prudential Vietnam Assurance Private Ltd.


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2-4 Years
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Job Description

Prudential's purpose is to be partners for every life and protectors for every future. Our purpose encourages everything we do by creating a culture in which diversity is celebrated and inclusion assured, for our people, customers, and partners. We provide a platform for our people to do their best work and make an impact to the business, and we support our people's career ambitions. We pledge to make Prudential a place where you can Connect, Grow, and Succeed.

This position contributes to generating report/data and calculate sales contest for all distributions to support business operation

(V tr ny gip thc hin cung cp bo co/d liu v tnh ton cc chng trnh thi ua ca khi Kinh Doanh h tr hot ng kinh doanh)

Job Responsibilities

  • Discuss with Distribution Strategic teams to clarify and contribute for the contest get more effective and efficiency

Tham gia tho lun vi nhm v b phn Chin lc Pht trin Kinh Doanh lm r cng nh ng gp kin cc chng trnh thi ua t hiu qu cao hn

  • Understanding the definition, terms and conditions of sales contest

Tm hiu v cc nh ngha, cc iu khon, iu kin ca cc chng trnh thi ua ca cc knh

  • Calculate and double check with team members to deliver result for contest of all distributions

Thc hin tnh ton v kim tra kt qu vi cc thnh vin trong nhm cho cc chng trnh thi ua ca cc knh Kinh doanh

  • Proceed payment for sales contests

Thc hin thanh ton cho kt qu ca cc chng trnh thi ua sau khi tnh ton

  • Provide result of sales force segmentation, promotion, validation, classification of distribution compensation schemes

Cung cp kt qu tnh ton v phn hng, phn loi, ch tiu thng tin, ch tiu duy tr chc danh quy nh trong cc chnh sch thu nhp ca i ng Kinh Doanh

  • Deliver tracking/standard/ad-hoc reports to support Sales Forces on sales performance improvement

Cung cp cc bo co nh k hoc ad-hoc i ng Kinh Doanh theo di doanh s nhm h tr thc thnh tch kinh Doanh

  • Build and maintenance the internal database and applications of the team, research and provide technical support to team

Xy dng v bo tr c s d liu ni b v cc ng dng, h tr k thut cho nhm

  • Understand the knowledge of insurance operations, processes and systems of departments / departments and analyze complex requirements, data structures, systems for developing application automation (Microsoft, SAS, SQL Server, Power BI ...) to meet business requirements

Nm r kin thc v nghip v bo him, quy trnh v h thng ca cc Phng/ban v phn tch yu cu phc tp, cu trc d liu, h thng pht trin t ng ho ng dng (Microsoft, SAS, SQL Server, Power BI...) p ng yu cu cng vic

  • Ability to utilize statistical and technical tools to analyze and solve business problems

S dng cc cng c thng k, k nng, k thut phn tch v gii quyt cng vic

Job Requirements

Qualifications / Bng cp

  • Bachelor's degree preferably in Economics/Mathematics/Business Administration/Information Technology

Tt nghip i hc, u tin chuyn ngnh Kinh t, Ton Tin, Qun tr Kinh daonh, Cng ngh thng tin

Knowledge and skill / Kin thc v k nng

  • Knowledge techniques, MS Office, Systems, Data Server, SQL
  • At least 02 years of relevant experience on systems, reporting, statistics, database processing, life insurance operations.
  • Logical thinking, details, high accuracy rate, good communication, understand insurance business, analytical and problem- solving skills
  • C kin thc v k thut, MS Office, H thng, H qun tr c s d liu, SQL
  • Ti thiu 02 nm kinh nghim lin quan v h thng, bo co, thng k, x l c s d liu, nghip v Bo him nhn th
  • C k nng t duy logic, chi tit, t l chnh xc cao, giao tip tt, nm vng nghip v bo him, k nng phn tch v gii quyt vn

Prudential is an equal opportunity employer. We provide equality of opportunity of benefits for all who apply and who perform work for our organisation irrespective of sex, race, age, ethnic origin, educational, social and cultural background, marital status, pregnancy and maternity, religion or belief, disability or part-time / fixed-term work, or any other status protected by applicable law. We encourage the same standards from our recruitment and third-party suppliers taking into account the context of grade, job and location. We also allow for reasonable adjustments to support people with individual physical or mental health requirements.

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