Job Description

Gii thiu sn phm n khch hng:

  • Tm hiu v gii thiu ton b danh mc sn phm ca cng ty n khch hng l nh thuc, cng ty dc, phng mch t, phng khm t nhn. Gii thiu sn phm bao gm tn bit dc, hm lng hot cht, cng dng/u im ca sn phm, liu dng v gi c ca sn phm.
  • Gii thiu cc chng trnh khuyn mi (nu c) c ng sn phm theo ng chnh sch bn hng ca cng ty.

Hon thnh mc tiu doanh s & ph th trng:
  • i trnh dc mi ngy theo l trnh tuyn bn hng. Khi i trnh dc, TDV phi tun th mc ng phc v th hin ng tc phong ca ngi TDV.
  • Trin khai cng tc bn hng, chng trnh khuyn mi n khch hng. Thc hin giao dch vi khch hng, cc th tc t hng v phi hp gii quyt cc vn pht sinh trong qu trnh bn hng
  • Khai thc khch hng mi nhm tng doanh s v ph th trng theo yu cu tng trng ca cng ty.
  • Duy tr v pht trin mi quan h khch hng tha mn nhu cu ca khch hng.

Phi hp c thc thu n khch hng khch hng:
  • Phi hp vi k ton, nhn vin giao hng c thc thu n khch hng, c bit i vi cc khon n qu hn.
  • Gii thiu v khuyn khch khch hng mua hng tr tin ngay c hng chit khu tin mt theo chnh sch ca cng ty.

Lp k hoch v bo co:
  • Bo co v kt qu trnh dc v doanh s mi ngy, tun, thng v c xut thch hp gii quyt cc nhu cu khch hng, thc y doanh s.
  • Bo co v cc than phin, khiu ni ca khch hng.
  • Bo co v thng tin i th cnh tranh (nu c)

  • Tt nghip cao ng, i hc chuyn ngnh Kinh T/Dc/Y Khoa.
  • C kin thc Qun l bn hng ngnh Dc.
  • C trch nhim v nhit tnh trong cng vic.
  • Chn chn, t tin, c kh nng lm vic c lp di cng , p lc cao, lm vic vi tnh thn trch nhim cao.
  • Giao tip: t yu cu.
  • S dng vi tnh vn phng: Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

On, you will find more than 150 self-study courses that are accredited for nurses, dietitians and/or case managers. All courses are free* of charge.We offer a range of continuing education topics across different disease states from neonatal to elderly care. You can find information by topic such as malnutrition, diabetes, preterm infant nutrition, and breastfeeding.

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