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Material Handler I VNM

First Solar


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Job Description

Job Description

First Solar reserves the right to offer you a role most applicable to your experience and skillset.

Basic Job Functions:

  • Engage in receiving & transporting materials (packaging, loading, unloading, storing & transporting materials) and products by performing the following duties. Responsible for on-time delivery and quality as it pertains to shipping & receiving functions.


  • High School graduate or technical certification in Supply Chain/Logistics/Transportation or any business-related field
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in operating materials handling equipment
  • Minimum 3 years working in a warehouse environment.

Required Skills/Competencies:

  • Qualified Industrial Equipment operator.
  • Possess a valid driver's license.
  • Experience with shipping/receiving documents.
  • Possess good tardiness.
  • Good communication skills and fluency in Vietnamese is required (verbal and written).
  • Good communication skills and fluency in English is preferable.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Performs all shipping/receiving requirements, including product packaging as directed and in a safe manner.
  • Operates Material Handling Equipment; loading and unloading of materials/finished goods as well as internal movement of material.
  • Ensure issuance of material according to requestor requirement, request according to First Solar unit of measurement.
  • Performs perpetual and inventory cycle count.
  • Performs daily/shift equipment inspection.
  • Maintains effective communications levels and fosters team building.
  • Practices good housekeeping 5S and in accordance with all safety procedures
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Job description subject to change at any time.

Reporting Relationships:

  • This position does not have any direct report.


  • Least travel is required but maybe needed for startup training.

Physical Requirements:

Hybrid Physical Requirements:

  • Will sit, stand or walk short distances for up to the entire duration of a shift.
  • Will climb stairs on an occasional basis.
  • Will lift, push or pull up to 27 pounds on an occasional basis.
  • Required to use hands to grasp, lift, handle, carry or feel objects on a frequent basis.
  • 20/40 vision in each eye, with or without correction, is required.
  • Must be able to comply with all safety standards and procedures.
  • May reach above shoulder heights and below the waist on a frequent basis.
  • May stoop, kneel, or bend, on an occasional basis.
  • Ability to wear personal protective equipment is required (including but not limited to; steel toed shoes, gloves, safety glasses, hearing protection, protective jacket or apron and arm guards).
  • All associates working on the production floor may be required to wear a respirator at any given time and thus, the ability to wear a respirator is a condition of employment and continued employment (requires little or no facial hair).

Office Physical Requirements:

All positions in our office require interaction with people and technology while either standing or sitting. To best service our customers, internal and external, all associates must be able to communicate face-to-face and on the phone with or without reasonable accommodation. First Solar is committed to compliance with its obligations under all applicable state and federal laws prohibiting employment discrimination. In keeping with this commitment, it attempts to reasonably accommodate applicants and employees in accordance with the requirements of the disability discrimination laws. It also invites individuals with disabilities to participate in a good faith, interactive process to identify reasonable accommodations that can be made without imposing an undue hardship.

Potential candidates will meet the education and experience requirements provided on the above job description and excel in completing the listed responsibilities for this role. All candidates receiving an offer of employment must successfully complete a background check and any other tests that may be required.

Equal Opportunity Employer Statement: First Solar is an Equal Opportunity Employer that values and respects the importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce. It is the policy of the company to recruit, hire, train and promote persons in all job titles without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We recognize that diversity and inclusion is a driving force in the success of our company.

First Solar c quyn cung cp cho bn mt v tr ph hp nht vi kinh nghim v k nng ca bn.

Cng vic c bn:

  • Tham gia vo vic nhn v vn chuyn nguyn liu (ng gi, bc xp, lu kho v vn chuyn nguyn liu) v sn phm bng cch thc hin cc nhim v. Chu trch nhim giao hng ng thi hn v cht lng lin quan n giao nhn hng.

Kinh nghim/hc vn:

  • Tt nghip trung hc ph thng v c chng ch k thut v vn hnh xe nng.
  • Ti thiu 3 nm kinh nghim vn hnh thit b x l nguyn vt liu.
  • Ti thiu 3 nm kinh nghim lm vic trong mi trng kho bi.

K nng/Nng lc cn thit:

  • C trnh vn hnh cc thit b cng nghip.
  • C bng/chng ch vn hnh xe nng hp l.
  • C kinh nghim vn chuyn/nhn chng t.
  • K nng giao tip tt v thng tho ting Vit (ni v vit).
  • u tin k nng giao tip tt bng ting Anh.
  • Hiu bit tt v s dng thnh tho cc ng dng my tnh (SAP, Work, Excel etc.).

Trch nhim thit yu:

  • Thc hin tt c cc yu cu v vic vn chuyn/nhn hng, bao gm c vic ng gi sn phm theo ch dn v hot ng mt cch an ton.
  • Vn hnh thit b x l vt liu; bc d nguyn liu/thnh phm cng nh di chuyn trong ni b nh my.
  • m bo pht hng nguyn vt liu theo yu cu ca bn yu cu, yu cu theo n v o lng ca First Solar.
  • Thc hin thao tc m chu k tn kho.
  • Thc hin vic kim tra thit b hng ngy/ca.
  • Duy tr mc giao tip hiu qu v thc y vic xy dng i nhm.
  • Thc hin qun l 5S v tun th tt c cc quy trnh v an ton.
  • Cc nhim v khc c giao.
  • M t cng vic c th thay i bt c lc no.

Quan h bo co:

  • V tr ny khng c bo co trc tip bn di (khng qun l con ngi).

Cng tc:

  • t phi i cng tc nhng c th cn thit khi c cng tc o to.

Yu cu sc khe:

Yu cu vt l v th cht:

  • S ngi, ng hoc i b nhng qung ng ngn trong thi gian lm vic.
  • Thnh thong s leo cu thang.
  • Thnh thong s nng, y hoc ko vt nng ln n 12kg.
  • Bt buc phi s dng tay nm, nng, cm, mang hoc cm nhn vt thng xuyn.
  • Cn c th lc 20/40 mi mt.
  • C kh nng tun th cc tiu chun v an ton
  • C th chm ti cao trn vai v di tht lng thng xuyn.
  • C kh nng s phi khom lng, qu hoc cong ngi khi lm vic.
  • Cn c kh nng eo thit b bo h c nhn (bao gm nhng khng gii hn: giy mi thp, gng tay, knh an ton, thit b bo v thnh gic, o khoc bo h)
  • Tt c nhn vin lm vic ti xng sn xut u c th c yu cu eo mt n phng c vo bt k thi im no, do kh nng eo mt n phng c l mt iu kin lm vic v tip tc lm vic.

Yu cu vt l ca vn phng:

Tt c cc v tr trong vn phng ca chng ti u yu cu tng tc vi mi ngi v cng ngh khi ng hoc ngi. phc v tt nht cho khch hng ca chng ta, ni b v bn ngoi, tt c cc cng s phi c kh nng giao tip trc tip v qua in thoi d c hoc khng c h tr hp l. First Solar cam kt tun th cc ngha v ca mnh theo tt c cc lut hin hnh ca tiu bang v lin bang cm phn bit i x trong vic tuyn dng v qun l lao ng. tun th cam kt ny, chng ti c gng to iu kin hp l cho ng vin v nhn vin theo yu cu ca lut phn bit i x vi ngi khuyt tt. V cc ng vin hoc nhn vin khuyt tt c tham gia vo qu trnh tng tc xc nh nhng h tr hp l khng gy ra kh khn qu mc cho nhn vin.

Cc ng vin tim nng s p ng cc yu cu v trnh hc vn v kinh nghim c cung cp trong m t cng vic trn v xut sc hon thnh cc trch nhim c lit k cho vai tr ny. Tt c cc ng vin nhn c li mi lm vic phi hon thnh thnh cng vic kim tra l lch v bt k bi kim tra no khc c th c yu cu.

Tuyn b ca Nh tuyn dng v C hi Bnh ng: First Solar l Nh tuyn dng C hi Bnh ng, coi trng v tn trng tm quan trng ca lc lng lao ng a dng v ha nhp. Chnh sch ca cng ty l tuyn dng, thu mn, o to v thng chc cho mi ngi mi chc danh cng vic m khng phn bit chng tc, mu da, tn gio, gii tnh, tui tc, ngun gc quc gia, tnh trng cu chin binh, tnh trng khuyt tt, khuynh hng tnh dc hoc bn dng gii. Chng ti nhn ra rng s a dng v ha nhp l ng lc dn n s thnh cng ca cng ty chng ti.

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