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Leasing Specialist

Central Retail in Vietnam


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Job Description

Job Description

  • Tuyn dng, la chn nh bn l v lp danh sch khch thu tim nng - xut vi Gim c cho thu / Trng b phn cho thu / Recruit, select retailers and make the list of prospective tenants proposing to Leasing Directors/ Head of Leasing
  • Lm vic vi Gim c cho thu trong vic thu thp/kim tra tt c cc ti liu c h tr chn khch thu/ Work with Leasing Director in collecting/ inspecting all supported documents to select tenant
  • Vic la chn phi c thc hin mt cch cng bng v xem xt s kt hp khch thu hin ti, tim nng kinh doanh v thu ht vi khch hng ca trung tm mua sm/ Selection has to be made fairly and consider existing tenant-mix, business potential and attractiveness to mall customers
  • Tun theo chnh sch ca cng ty khi a ra v m phn cc iu khon thu, bao gm th mi bng ming hoc bng vn bn v cc iu kin thu mt bng bn l nh ph thu, ph dch v, t cc, lp t min ph,/ Follow the company's policy when offering and negotiating lease terms, including verbal or written offer letter and conditions of retail space leasing such as lease fee, service charge, deposit, free fit out,
  • Tin hnh n xin thu, th mi cho, t cc, hp ng thu, bn giao mt bng, gi thu v ph dch v nu giao dch kt thc/ Proceed with leasing application form, offer letter, deposit, lease agreement, handover space and leasing rate and service charges when the deal is closed
  • Cng vi Gim c cho thu lm vic nh Gim c Account cho khch thu trn ton quc hoc cho mt s trung tm mua sm c chn/ Together with Leasing Director acting as Account manager for Nationwide tenants or for selected shopping malls
  • H tr Gim c Cho thu trong vic kim sot khch thu theo cc iu kin v th tc/ Assist Leasing Director in controlling tenants under conditions and procedures.
  • Phi hp vi Gim c iu hnh (Gim c cho thu) & Qun l d n m bo khch thu ph hp kp thi vi tin D n cng nh tun th nghim ngt cc tiu chun k thut Bt ng Sn (ph duyt tt c cc bn v, tin thi cng)/ Coordinate with Line Manager (Leasing Director) & Project Manager to ensure tenants fitting out timely with Project schedule as well as strictly following Property Technical standard (approval of all drawings, construction timeline)
  • Tin hnh kho st trung tm mua sm/cho thu mt bng bn l, kho st mc hi lng ca khch hng v cp nht cc khi nim mi mt cch ch ng/ Proceed with shopping mall/ retail space leasing survey, customer satisfaction survey and update of new concepts in a proactive way
  • Kim sot cng vic giy t nh hp ng cho thu, cc ph lc, thng bo gi v nhn t ngi thu/ Control paper work such as leasing contract, annexes, notice sent to and receive from tenants
  • Kim sot v bo co h s khch thu cho Qun l Trung tm Mua sm khu vc hoc Tr l Gim c Trung tm Mua sm/ Control and report tenant records to regional Shopping Mall Manager or Assistant Mall Manager
  • Chun b v phn tch cc bo co c giao/ Prepare and analyze assigned reports
  • Thng bo cho Gim c khu vc v Gim c trung tm mua sm khu vc ngay lp tc trong trng hp khn cp hoc bt k vn khn cp no khc/ Inform Regional Directors in parallel with Regional Shopping Mall Manager immediately in case of emergency or any other urgent matter
  • Np bo co hng tun v thng k Cho thu cc d n mi cho Gim c Trung tm Mua sm Khu vc / Quc gia/ File weekly report on Leasing statis of new projects to Regional/National Shopping Mall Director
  • Cc hot ng khc theo yu cu cng vic v s phn cng ca Qun l chnh/ Other activities according to job requirements and assigned by Line Managers

Yu cu

  • Hc vn/ Education: i hc hoc cc ngnh hc lin quan/ Bachelor's degree or any relevant educational programs.
  • Thm nin lm vic/ Seniority: C t nht 2-3 nm kinh nghim lm vic trong lnh vc bt ng sn hoc cng vic ph hp vi thi hn v iu kin hp ng v dch v; C t nht 1 nm kinh nghim lm vic trong lnh vc Bn l v / hoc Gii tr, Dch v, Vn phng v trong bt k ngnh no c lin quan / At least 1-3 year experience working in real estate filed or job relevant to contract term and condition and services ; At least 1 year experience working in Retail business and/or Entertainment, Services, Offices and in any relevant industry.
  • Ngoi ng/ Language: K nng ting Anh trung cp / Ngoi ng khc l mt li th, Ting Anh thnh tho l mt li th mnh./ Intermediate English skills/Other language as an advantage, Fluent English is a strong advantage.
  • K nng vn phng/ Office skills: Thnh tho Microsoft Office (Words, Excel, PowerPoint)/ Advanced Microsoft Office (Words, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Thi / Attitude: Ch ng, T duy tp trung vo khch hng, Linh hot, Trung thc, am m, nh hng kt qu, thi tch cc v linh hot. Kh nng lm vic di p lc/ Proactive, Customer-focus mindset, Aggressive, Honest, Passionate, Result-oriented, positive attitude and flexible. Ability to work under pressure

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