Kitchen Steward

10 days ago
Job Description

Job Description

  • Keep work area clean, tidy and dry at all times
  • Gi khu vc lm vic sch s, gn gng v kh ro mi lc
  • Wash dishes as requested by the Steward Supervisor when there is a Banquet event
  • Ensure that water in the dishwashing machine is maintained at a constant level/temperature and must be changed once every 2 hours
  • m bo rng nc trong my ra chn c duy tr mc / nhit khng i v phi c thay i 2 gi mt ln
  • Observe correct procedures in handling machinery. Put on rubber gloves, wear an apron and hair net should when operating machines.
  • Tun th ng quy trnh trong x l my mc. eo gng tay cao su, eo tp d v li tc khi vn hnh my mc.
  • Report to Steward Supervisor when any equipment/machinery is damaged, faulty or misused
  • Bo co cho Gim st vin khi bt k thit b / my mc no b hng, b li hoc s dng sai
  • Be well versed in hotel fire & life safety/emergency procedures
  • Thnh tho cc quy trnh cu ha / an ton tnh mng / khn cp ca khch sn.
  • Attend all briefings, meetings and trainings as assigned by management
  • Tham d tt c cc cuc hp giao ban, cc cuc hp v o to theo s phn cng caqun l.
  • Maintain a high standard of personal appearance and hygiene at all times
  • Duy tr tiu chun cao v ngoi hnh v v sinh mi lc.
  • Perform other reasonable duties assigned by the assigned by the Management
  • Thc hin cc nhim v hp l khc do s phn cng ca Qun l.
  • Establish and maintain effective employee working relationships
  • Thit lp v duy tr mi quan h cng vic vi ng nghip hiu qu.

Work Experience
  • Service oriented
  • C tinh thn dch v.
  • Ability to work effectively and contribute in a team
  • Kh nng lm vic nhm hiu qu.
  • Self-motivated and energetic
  • Kh nng khch l bn thn v trn y nng lng.
  • Well-presented and professionally groomed at all times
  • Th hin bn thn chn chu v chuyn nghip mi thi im

  • Friendly Accommodation and nutritious meals
  • H tr nh thn thin, tin nghi cho nhn vin xa
  • Cung cp ba n dinh dng theo ca lm vic, 3 ba khi nh nhn vin
  • Free uniform
  • Cung cp ng ph khi lm vic
  • Employee benefit card offering discounted rates in Accor Hotels
  • c hng u i khi s dng dch v ti cc khch sn thuc tp on Accor
  • Develop your talent through learning programs by Academy Accor
  • Pht trin ti nng bn thn thng qua cc chng trnh o to ca hc vin Accor
  • Dynamic working environment
  • Mi trng lm vic nng ng, chuyn nghip
  • Participate in activities: birthday party, year-end party, sports...
  • Tham gia cc hot ng: tic sinh nht, tic cui nm, th thao...
  • Join English course with foreign teacher
  • c tham gia cc kha hc ting Anh cng vi gio vin ngi nc ngoi

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Accor S.A. is a French multinational hospitality company that owns, manages and franchises hotels, resorts and vacation properties. It is the largest hospitality company in Europe, and the sixth largest hospitality company worldwide. Accor operates in 5,300 locations in over 110 countries.

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