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Job Description


  • a im: H Ni

M t cng vic:
  • T chc, qun l hot ng iu hnh b my phng k ton
  • Xy dng, t chc v chun ha h thng k ton bao gm: xy dng quy trnh, quy ch, quy nh lin quan n ti chnh k ton. m bo vic thng bo & p dng thc hin cc chnh sch quy trnh ti cc b phn lin quan.
  • T chc, qun l, iu hnh hot ng phng k ton mt cch khoa hc, hiu qu, phn cng nhim v v pht trin i ng.
  • p dng cng ngh, k thut mi trong hot ng nhm nng cao hiu qu cng tc ca phng, m bo thc hin qun l tp chung, kt ni d liu vi cc b phn lin quan thc hin chin lc s ha ca Cng ty trong tng thi k.
  • Hng dn, kim tra, t chc vic ghi chp s sch, ch tr thc hin vic quyt ton Thu, lp bo co qun tr, cc BCTC, bo co thu thng/qu/nm.
  • Chu trch nhim, kim tra, gim st m bo vic lp cc BCTC hp nht kp thi, chnh xc, tun th quy nh.
  • T chc, ch o, hng dn v kim tra vic thc hin cng tc k ton n v cp di(cng ty con) trc thuc Cng ty (nu c).
  • Chu trch nhim i din cng ty giao dch, gi cc bo co ti chnh theo quy nh, gii trnh s liu vi cc c quan hu quan: C quan Thu, C quan thng k, Ngn hng nh nc, Ngn hng thng mi ni cng ty giao dch, Cng ty kim ton
  • Kim tra, kim sot, ph duyt cc khon thanh ton do cc b phn.
  • Cng tc t vn, qun tr ri ro:
  • Ch ng t vn cho BLD v tnh hnh ti chnh ca cng ty v xut cc k hoch hnh ng.
  • H tr v t vn nghip v k ton ti chnh cho cc b phn lin quan trong Cng ty (khi cn).
  • Cnh bo cc hot ng/u t c nguy c ri ro thua l/khng c hiu qu c gii php.
  • Cnh bo cc sai phm v vi phm ti chnh hoc Php lut trong hot ng SXKD ca Cty, h tr BL x l cc ri ro,...
  • Cng tc qun tr ti chnh, dng tin, cng n:
  • n c v trc tip tham gia thu hi cng n xut v trin khai cc phng n x l n ng kh i.
  • D bo v nhu cu ngun vn, xut/kin ngh trong vic huy ng v s dng vn c hiu qu.
  • Thc hin vic quan h v giao dch vi cc ngn hng/t chc tn dng s dng tt v hiu qu hn mc tn dng (c ti tr) nhm ti u chi ph ti chnh, nng cao hiu qu HSXKD ca Cng ty.
  • Thc hin cc cng vic khc theo s phn cng ca BL.

Yu cu
  • Tt nghip H tr ln chuyn ngnh K ton, Ti chnh, Kim ton,.. tui t 28-40.
  • C t nht 3 nm kinh nghim ti v tr tng ng, u tin ng vin tng lm quy m Cng ty c vn iu l 500 t Doanh thu hng nm 1.000 t.
  • u tin ng vin c kinh nghim lm vic ti cc Doanh nghip Kim ton v Cng ty trong ngnh CNTT - Cng ngh - Vin thng, Cng ty nim yt trn sn chng khon.
  • C hiu bit v chun mc k ton IFRS. C chng ch hnh ngh kim ton c lp/kim ton quc t: ACCA, CPA l mt li th
  • Am hiu lut thu, lut k ton. C kinh nghim lm bo co ti chnh hp nht. Kinh nghim quyt ton, gii trnh vi c quan thu. Cng ty kim ton.
  • K nng qun l, lnh o, tin cy & tinh thn trch nhim cao trong cng vic.
  • K nng phn tch tng hp v t duy tt.
  • T duy ci m, hin i. Chu c p lc cng vic cao.
  • K nng s dng ting Anh l mt li th

For any further support, please kindly contact me over the phone number Ms. Duong (+84)353 556 589 (Call/Zalo/Viber) or email: . Thank you.




PERSOLKELLY is a joint venture established in 2016 between PERSOL HOLDINGS (previously Temp Holdings) and Kelly Services to cater to the rising workforce employment needs of the emerging Asia Pacific market. We are one of the largest workforce solutions providers in the region, spanning over 45 offices across 13 markets including Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

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