HR Admin Leader

HR Admin Leader

Ninja Logistics sdn bhd
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Job Description

    • Tuyn dng/Recruitment
    • Ph trch h tr tuyn dng Rider/Driver ti khu vc qun l/ Responsible for supporting Rider/Driver Recruitment in the management area-
    • Ph trch chnh trn knh offline (local)/Responsible for local offline channel
    • Qun l banner, standee tuyn dng/Manage recruiting banner, standee
    • ng tuyn trn cc trang tuyn dng a phng/Posting on local recruiting website
    • H tr HR v follow tin tuyn dng trn cc trang online/Support HR and follow recruiting posts on
    • online website
    • Ph trch thu v kim tra h s theo danh sch yu cu vi v tr ICs / Assistant IC
    • Responsible for collecting and checking staff document of ICs, Assistants
    • Nhn, chuyn tip v thu li Th mi nhn vic k t ICs / Assistant IC/Receive, forward and collect Probation contract, NDA signed from ICs, Assistant
    • Bng lng/Payroll:
    • Update thng tin nhn vin/Update staff information
    • Gi bng chm cng/Send timesheet
    • Gi thng tin Bonus hng thng + hold lng + thng tin tr cc cho ti x ngh nhng thng trc (khng c trong bng lng)/Send monthly Bonus information + salary hold + deposit payment information to drivers who have left the previous months (not included in the payroll)
    • Gi Bng lng ti x v cho IC check v x l, gi payslip cho rider bn tham kho/Send Driver
    • Payslip to IC to check and process, send payslip to rider for reference
    • Cung cp trang thit b, vt t, dch v/Provide equipment, materials and services.
    • Tip nhn yu cu mua hng t cc b phn, trnh duyt bi Trng phng i xe v cc cp lin
    • quan/Receive purchase requests from parts, submit them to the Head of HCM hub and related levels.
    • Theo di tin mua hng, nhn/bn giao hng ha vi b phn Purchasing ca cng ty/Follow up the progress of purchasing, receiving/handing over goods with the Purchasing department of the company.
    • Nhn hng v bn giao li cho cc b phn xut/Receive goods and hand them over to the proposed departments.
    • Lp bo co v kim sot tn kho. /Reporting and inventory control.
    • Theo di qu trnh sa cha/thay th trang thit b i vi cc b phn lin quan IT/Purchasing/Follow up the process of repairing/replacing equipment for IT/Purchasing related parts
    • m bo trang thit b c cung cp y v kp thi n cc b phn lin quan. /Ensure equipment is fully and timely provided to relevant departments.
    • m bo vn php l/ Ensure legal issues:
    • m bo y giy t php l cho cc Vn phng i din mi/ thay i vn phng i din/Ensure full legal documents for new/changed representative offices.
    • m bo cc hp ng thu kho phi c thc hin y v ph hp vi yu cu php ch/Ensure warehouse lease contracts are fully performed and in accordance with legal requirements.
    • Bo co/Report
    • Gi cc bo co lin quan theo theo yu cu ca qun l/Submit related reports at the request of management.

    • Hiu bit cn bn v vi tnh, tin hc vn phng/Good at computer skills
    • Chu kh hc hi, trung thc/Willing-to-learn, integrity.
    • Tt nghip i hc tr ln/ University or higher
    • Bt buc c kinh nghim trong v tr HR/admin /Experience in admin position is an advantage.

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Ninja Van is a tech-enabled logistics company on a mission to provide hassle-free delivery services for businesses of all sizes across Southeast Asia. Launched in 2014, we started operations in Singapore and have become the region's largest and fastest growing last-mile logistics company, partnering with over 35,000 merchants and delivering more than 1,000 parcels every minute across six countries. At our core, we are a technology company that is disrupting a massive industry with cutting-edge software and operational concepts. Powered by algorithm-based optimisation, dynamic routing, end-to-end tracking and a data-driven approach, we provide best-of-class delivery services that delight both the shippers and end customers. But we are just getting started! We have much room for improvement and many ideas that will further shape the industry.

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