Job Description


Gii thiu thc n, gii thch cc mn n v thc n c bit trong ngy.
Gii thiu thc n cho tr em v nhiu thc n khc nhau khi cn thit.
S dng Captain's Pad chnh xc v d dng cho vic giao tip.
Phc v nc, bnh m v b trong sut ba n cho khch.
Gii thch thnh phn mn n v quy trnh nu khi phc v cho thc khch.
Thnh tho cc kiu trang tr ph hp trong phc v thc ung.
Phc v c ph hoc tr v cc yu cu khc theo tiu chun ca Sedona Suites Ho Chi Minh City .
Phc v v thu dn thc n thc ung kn o v chuyn nghip.
S dng khay ng cch v an ton khi dn .
Dng khay, by bin li bn n cng vi khn tri bn, b n, ly v cc dng c lin quan.
Dn sch khu vc phc v khi cn thit.
Di chuyn bn v gh.
Dn bn v by bin li bn n theo s lng khch.
Phc v cc nhu cu dng phng n ring hoc phng n vi mc ch khc.
K nng cung cp dch v kn o v chuyn nghip.
Thay v ct gi cc loi khn dng, b n, dng c bng inox, ly, thc n thc ung.
Dn dp v sp xp dng gn gng khu vc c phn cng lm vic.
Thay gt tn thuc, phc v thuc l, dn bn v cung cp thm ung v x g.JOB REQUIREMENTS

Qut/ht bi sn nh trc khi vo ca lm vic nu cn.
Hon thnh cng vic c giao theo ca v by bin bn n theo tiu chun.
X l kp thi khi xy ra cc trng hp khn cp.
X l tnh hung khi khch b i.
H tr nhanh chng v chu o khi c ri ro trong nh hng.
Linh hot trong vic h tr nhng khu vc xung quanh khch sn p ng nhu cu v cng vic v yu cu ca khch hng.
Nhn bit nhng khch hng tim nng v gii quyt kp thi nhng trng hp khch hng gy ri
Nhn v thc hin cc nhim v khc theo phn cng ca cp qun l.
Bo co nhanh cng vic (5 pht) trc khi vo ca, v sinh sch s, tc phong gn gng v mc ng ng phc.
Tham d cc chng trnh o to dnh cho nhn vin phc v, tun theo cc quy tc v chnh sch ca Cng Ty
S dng h thng POS ca khch sn bn hng, in ha n tnh tin, ng ha n.
K nng thanh ton bng tin mt v bng th tn dng theo hng dn ca b phn k ton.BUSINESS UNIT
Keppel Land Limited




Keppel is a multi-business company with a global footprint in more than 20 countries, providing robust solutions for sustainable urbanisation, focusing on four key areas comprising energy & environment, urban development, connectivity and asset management. With sustainability at the core of our strategy, Keppel harnesses the strengths and expertise of our business units to develop, operate and maintain real assets, which provide diverse solutions that are good for the planet, for people and for the Company. Keppel actively seeks out bright and dynamic individuals to join our talent pool. We offer our employees opportunities to grow and shape their careers, across the geographies in which we operate. Be part of our Keppel family today.

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