Executive Housekeeper

3-6 years
Job Description

Job Description

1-Responsibilities and means:
Trch nhim v tnh cht:
. The Executive Housekeeping Manager (EHM) is responsible and accountable for maintaining the highest standard of room and public area cleanliness and appearance, guest service as well as engendering team spirit and motivation in all staff. TheExecutive Housekeeping Managermust be fair and just in any staff disciplinary action as required
. Qun l b phn bung phng c trch nhim duy tr tiu chun cao nht v v sinh, din mo bn ngoi ca phng v khu vc cng cng, dch v khch hng cng nh to ra tinh thn lm vic nhm v ng lc trong ton th i ng nhn vin. Qun l b phn bung phng phi cng bng v chnh trc trong mi hnh ng k lut nhn vin khi c yu cu
2-Administration Responsibilities
Trch nhim qun l
. Delegate to and supervise all Managerial staff within the Department and assist them in preparing work schedules
. Giao nhim v v gim st tt c cc nhn vin qun l trong B phn v h tr h chun b lch lm vic
. Conform to and enforce policies and procedures & rules and regulations as laid down by ACCOR and the hotel in order to achieve the highest levels of uniformity and guest service
. Tun th v thc thi cc chnh sch, quy trnh v cc quy tc v quy nh do ACCOR v khch sn ra nhm t c mc thng nht v dch v khch hng cao nht
. Performs special duties as required by Director of Operation/ General Manager
. Thc hin cc nhim v c bit theo yu cu ca Gim c iu hnh/Tng Gim c
3-Technical Responsibilities
Trch nhim chuyn mn
. Responsible for the cost effective rostering of all staff in the Housekeeping Department and Public Area cleaning and Laundry
. Chu trch nhim lp bng phn cng c hiu qu v mt chi ph i vi tt c nhn vin trong b phn Bung phng v v sinh v git i ti khu vc cng cng
. The main objective of theExecutive Housekeeping Managerin rostering, is to keep wages to a minimum whilst ensuring the hightest possible level of service to the guests of the Hotel and highest level of productivity
. Mc tiu chnh ca Qun l BP bung phng trong vic phn cng cng vic l gi lng mc ti thiu ng thi m bo mc dch v cao nht c th cho khch ca Khch sn v nng sut mc cao nht
. Prepare periodical staffing schedules, monitoring staff attendance and assist in planning work schedules
. Chun b lch lm vic nh k ca nhn vin, gim st tnh hnh chuyn cn ca nhn vin v h tr ln lch lm vic
. Prepare various monthly reports as required by the Director of Operation/ General Manager
. Lp cc bo co hng thng khc nhau theo yu cu ca Gim c iu hnh/Tng Gim c
. Conduct regular operational meeting to review, monitor, adjust and upgrade the performance of the Department as a whole, explaining new directions and policies and procedures at the same time
. T chc cc cuc hp hot ng thng xuyn xem xt, gim st, iu chnh v nng cao hiu qu hot ng ca ton th B phn, ng thi gii thch cc ch o, cc chnh sch v quy trnh mi
. Prepare the annual capital and operating budgets for the Department in conjunction with the Director of Operation and ensure departmental expenditure is kept within budget by presenting the P&L for the Department to the Director of Operation on a monthly basis
. Phi hp vi Gim c iu hnh lp ngn sch vn v ngn sch hot ng hng nm ca B phn v m bo chi tiu ca b phn c gi trong phm vi ngn sch bng cch trnh P&L ca B phn cho Gim c iu hnh theo tng thng
. Responsible to ensure that all staff under her jurisdiction are at all times immaculately groomed, e.g... correct and complete uniform, personal hygiene, i.e., hair, make-up etc.
. Chu trch nhim m bo rng tt c nhn vin thuc thm quyn ca mnh lun n mc chn chu, v d ... ng phc ng v y , v sinh c nhn, v d: tc, trang im v.v.
4-Commercial Responsibilities
Trch nhim mang tnh thng mi
. To handle and resolve all guest queries and complaints in an efficient manner and to establish an amicable relationship with all clients, customers and guests of the hotel
. X l v gii quyt tt c cc thc mc v khiu ni ca khch hng mt cch hiu qu v thit lp mt mi quan h tt p vi tt c khch hng ca khch sn
. Through close supervision recommend improvements and changes to the operation of the Department, especially concerning creating better services standards, increasing revenue and reducing costs
. Thng qua cng tc gim st cht ch, ngh tin hnh cc ci thin v thay i i vi hot ng ca B phn, c bit l lin quan n vic to ra cc tiu chun dch v tt hn, tng doanh thu v gim chi ph
. Responsible to ensure that all stock/linen levels and usage are effectively and cost efficiently controlled
. Chu trch nhim m bo rng tt c hng trong kho v vi lanh v vic s dng chng u c kim sot hiu qu v hiu qu v mt chi ph
5-Commercial Responsibilities
Trch nhim mang tnh thng mi
. Plans and organizes regular Departmental training for all staff, specially new staff, paying particular attention to courtesy, efficiency, service standards, grooming, diplomacy and actual job knowledge
. Ln k hoch v t chc o to thng xuyn cho tt c nhn vin ca B phn, c bit l nhn vin mi, c bit ch n php lch s, hiu qu, tiu chun dch v, trang phc, ngoi giao v kin thc cng vic thc t
. Identify and develop leadership qualities among subordinates in order to guide them towards the path of Career enrichment with both ACCOR and the hotel, and additionally provide the hotel with a source for future management
. Xc nh v pht trin cc phm cht lnh o ca cc cp di hng dn h hng ti con ng pht trin s nghip vi c ACCOR v khch sn, ng thi cung cp cho khch sn ngun cn b qun l trong tng lai
. Have a good relationship with all colleagues
. C mi quan h tt vi tt c ng nghip
. Be understanding, supportive, encouraging and helpful to all
. Hiu, cm thng, h tr, khuyn khch v hu ch i vi tt c ng nghip
6-Hygiene/ Personal safety/ Environment
V sinh/An ton c nhn/Mi trng
. Resports directly to the Director of Operation and General Manager
. Bo co trc tip cho Gim c iu hnh v Tng Gim c
. Work closely with other Departments of the hotel, and attend regular meetings on a periodical basis
. Phi hp cht ch vi cc B phn khc ca khch sn v tham d cc cuc hp thng k theo nh k
. Participate in providing and receiving constructive criticism with regards to the Department and the Hotel as a whole, in order to improve efficiency, productivity and guest service
. a ra v nhn nhng li ph bnh mang tnh xy dng lin quan n B phn v Khch sn ni chung, nhm nng cao hiu sut, nng sut v dch v khch hng

Work Experience

Education / Professional experience
Hc vn/Kinh nghim chuyn mn
. Diploma or degree in hospitality or Management studies
. Vn bng hoc bng cp v ngnh Nh hng-khch sn hoc Qun tr hc
. Minimum 3 years experience inExecutive Housekeeping Managerat international 4-5 star hotel
. Ti thiu 3 nm kinh nghim lm vic v tr Qun l b phn bung phng ti khch sn 4-5 sao quc t
. Competent user of desktop applications and hotel applications
. S dng thnh tho cc ng dng trn my tnh bn v cc ng dng khch sn
. Languages: fluent in Vietnamese, business English and a 3rd language would be a plus
. Ngn ng: thng tho ting Vit, ting Anh kinh doanh v mt ngn ng th 3 s l mt li th
Skills/ Qualities
K nng/Tnh cch
Pullman: a new service attitude centered on proximity, sociability and sharing experience.
Ensure all connector embody the same mindset by developing each individual's sense ofcuriosity, open-mindedness, interpersonal skillsandsense of initiative.
Pullman: mt thi phc v mi tp trung vo s gn gi, tnh ha ng v chia s kinh nghim.
m bo tt c nhng ngi kt ni th hin cng mt t duy bng cch pht trin tinh thnham hiu bit, ci m, k nng lin c nhn v tinh thn t gic lm vic & t quyt nhca tng c nhn.
. Leadership
.Lnh o
.Attention to detail and quality and guest-oriented
.Ch n chi tit v cht lng v hng n khch hng
. Administrative skills
.K nng qun l
.Well organized
. C kh nng t chc
. Autonomous
. C tinh thn c lp
. Responsive and dynamic
.Phn hi nhanh chng v nng ng
. Works well under pressure
. C kh nng lm vic tt khi gp p lc
. Excellent presentation
. Kh nng trnh by trc m ng xut sc


Employee benefit card offering discounted rates in Accor Hotels worldwide.
Th quyn li nhn vin cung cp mc gi chit khu ti cc Khch sn Accor trn ton th gii.
.Develop your talent through learning programs by Academy Accor.
. Pht trin ti nng ca bn thng qua cc chng trnh hc tp ca Academy Accor.
.Opportunity to grow within your property and across the world!
. C hi pht trin trong c s kinh doanh ca bn v trn ton th gii!
.Ability to contribute to local community and make a difference through our Corporate Social Responsibility activities, like Planet 21.
.C kh nng ng gp cho cng ng a phng v to ra s khc bit thng qua cc hot ng Trch nhim x hi ca Doanh nghip, nh Planet 21.

Job Source: careers.accor.com

Accor S.A. is a French multinational hospitality company that owns, manages and franchises hotels, resorts and vacation properties. It is the largest hospitality company in Europe, and the sixth largest hospitality company worldwide. Accor operates in 5,300 locations in over 110 countries.

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