Engineering Supervisor - Giám sát Kỹ thuật

Job Description

Job Description

X l s c, vn hnh, sa cha v bo tr:
.H thng cp nc nng lnh, nh my x l nc thi, by m, b cha nc ngt v cu ha, v.v.
.Kim tra nh k v ghi li mc nc ngt trong b m bo lun duy tr mc nc (ti thiu).
.Ha cht x l nc b bi v thit b.
.R r ng ng, chy n, ng ng, vi phun nc, cun vi, mng nc t, v r r do li cu trc.
.Vn hnh thit b b bi & x l nc b bi.

Work Experience

  • Tt nghip chuyn ngnh in cng nghip hoc in lnh hoc C kh.
  • C kin thc v: Bo tr,bo dng h thng in nc, iu ha, h thng cu ha, thang my, my pht, ta nh vn phng.
  • Kh nng lm vic c lp, hc hi nhanh, giao tip tt, chuyn cn trong cng vic.
  • C kinh nghim trong bo tr ta nh, khu cn h.
  • Vic lm theo ca, i ca.

  • Thng hng thng/cui nm da theo kt qu kinh doanh v nh gi hiu sut cng vic
  • c hng 12 ngy php hng nm + 11 ngy ngh ln theo lut Vit Nam
  • Tham gia y cc ch BHXH, BHYT v BHTT t lc th vic theo lut Lao ng Vit Nam
  • c hng cc ch nh: sinh nht, m au, kt hn, tham quan ngh mt , bo him Bo Vit 24/7 v cc ch khc theo quy nh ca khch sn.
  • H tr ph gi xe
  • H tr 2 sut n ti canteen khch sn
  • ng phc cung cp bi khch sn

Job Source:

Accor S.A. is a French multinational hospitality company that owns, manages and franchises hotels, resorts and vacation properties. It is the largest hospitality company in Europe, and the sixth largest hospitality company worldwide. Accor operates in 5,300 locations in over 110 countries.

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