Job Description

- a im lm vic: Khu Cng Nghip Va v Nh, Nam T Lim, H Ni
- m bo vic giao hng.
- thu tin theo ng quy nh cng ty.
- Ph trch giao hng thu tin thuc khu vc phn cng.
- Chu trch nhim trc gim st phn phi, Qun l phn phi v php lut trong mi quyt nh lin quan n vic giao hng v thu tin theo mc c giao.
- Chu trch nhim giao hng, qu tng cho khch hng trn a bn c giao theo lch giao hng, khng c chm tr. m bo hon thnh tt c cc n hng thnh cng.
- Chu trch nhim cng n cc n hng giao thnh cng trong khu vc c phn cng. Theo di cht ch cc khon phi thu theo ng chnh sch cng n ca cng ty, khng cng n qu hn.
- Gi bo co giao hng v thu tin mt.
- Np tin thu c vo ngn hng.
- Cung cp cc dch v tt nht c th cho khch hng, t c mong i ca khch hng v gim thiu khiu ni t khch hng.
- Tt nghip t Trung hc ph thng
- Trn 1 nm kinh nghim v tr tng ng.
- C k nng giao tip, lm vic c lp.
- Trung thc, cn thn, chu kh, lm vic vi tinh thn trch nhim cao.
- Bit sp xp cng vic, lm vic nhm.

On, you will find more than 150 self-study courses that are accredited for nurses, dietitians and/or case managers. All courses are free* of charge.We offer a range of continuing education topics across different disease states from neonatal to elderly care. You can find information by topic such as malnutrition, diabetes, preterm infant nutrition, and breastfeeding.

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