Data Scientist

Data Scientist

SnapHunt Pte Ltd
0 - 50 Years
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Job Description

Job Description :

  • Work alongside & learn from best in class talent
  • Attractive salary & benefits
  • Great work environment
  • The Job
    As a Data Scientist you will work with the Head of Data Science through all stages of the algorithm development process and will be responsible for:
    • Building, training and testing datasets from the aforementioned data sources
    • Develop new algorithms and improve existing ones for the firms various data products while ensuring accuracy and speed
    • Work with data engineers to deploy the developed algorithms in production
    • Design A/B tests to measure the impact of the developed algorithms on e-commerce metrics such as click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate (CR)
    • Perform ad-hoc analyses of user behavior logs and transaction data to derive important business insights and metrics, e.g., customer retention rate and customer lifetime value
    • Work and partner with various stakeholders on potential projects include improving / implementing the following systems:
    • A product ranking system to predict the best-selling products of each category (e.g., fashion and electronics), based on past transaction data and user behavior data
    • A recommender system to predict products that a user may like, based on his or her past behavior data
    • An advertising system based on users’ search keywords (which is similar to Google, AdWords, and requires large-scale, real-time processing capabilities)
    • A search engine to return the products that are most relevant to a user’s search keyword, based on language data (e.g., semantics extracted from Vietnamese search keywords) and past user behavior data
    • In order to develop the above systems, you will have access to’s various data sources: o User behavior logs (e.g., search keyword data, product impression data and product click data)
    • Transaction data (e.g., completed orders and cancelled orders) o Product databases (e.g., product description and images)
    • Third-party data (e.g., Google Analytics data)
    The Profile
    • Experience with Machine Learning techniques (e.g., classification, clustering and feature engineering)
    • Experience with Artificial Intelligence (e.g., Natural Language Processing - especially for the Vietnamese language, and Computer Vision) is a big advantage
    • Good knowledge of algorithms and data structures
    • Critical thinking and good problem solving skills
    • Good programming skills in one or more languages, especially Python, Java
    • Good knowledge of databases. Experience with NoSQL databases such as MongoDB is an advantage
    • Experience with software development on Linux
    • Master's or PhD degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics or a related field is an advantage
    • Experience with the following technologies is an advantage:
    • Machine learning frameworks, e.g., scikit-learn, TensorFlow, MLlib and Mahout
    • Search engines, e.g., Elasticsearch and Solr
    • Big data technologies, e.g., Hadoop and Spark
    • Cloud platforms, e.g., Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform

    Sendo JSC was founded in September 2012, originally an e-commerce project of FPT Online JSC. Currently, Sendo is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Vietnam and playing as the largest C2C marketplace in local Tier 2 cities, serving millions of customers and hundreds of thousand merchants nationwide. Having invested much in R&D, AI, and Big data to continuously upgrade the technical platform and enhance the customer shopping experience, Sendo has built an ecosystem for buyers, merchants, and third-party logistics providers.

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