Cybersecurity Engineer

Job Description

  • In-depth understanding of fundamental Machine Learning algorithms, and strong willing to code is a must
  • Possess 4 to 8 years experience in one or multiple skills in data analytics or data science in the financial or digital domains. Or similar experience in analytics consulting. Or similar experience with UI/UX designs relating to self-serve dashboards
  • Proven experience in process and analysis of large amount of data using Python and SQL; on environments such as AWS, Google cloud or Hadoop
  • Proven experience in hands-on Machine Learning model end-to-end build, training, tuning, testing and deployment
  • Familiar with one or more MLOps or DevOps tooling: Airflow, Jenkins, GitHub, Terraform, Ansible
  • Exhibit self-motivated, self-starter behaviours. Good communicator and interpersonal skills
Having these attributes would be advantageous:
  • Hands-on experience in open-source package development, i.e. not only using the open source packages, but also ever forking other packages and modifying them, contributing back to the open source community or publishing his/her own open-source work in Github
  • Project experience in enterprise Data Science practicing in Financial Service sector, including but not limited to: Customer segmentation, propensity modelling, Customer Lifetime Value prediction, Machine Learning model API development and release, Data ETL pipeline development, etc
  • Knowledge in system design for big data or Machine Learning based application
  • AGILE methods: Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, Pair programming
  • AGILE tools: Jira, Confluence, SLACK

Who is Capgemini
Capgemini is headquartered in Paris, France and operates in more than 50 countries. They are one of the world’s largest providers of Consulting, Technology, and Outsourcing. Above all, Capgemini is a people company— 300,000 people in North America, Europe, South America and the Asia Pacific region.

Capgemini has a vast range of capabilities and the ability to deliver them consistently. The firm’s core expertise is in bringing together business, technology, and operations skills to provide truly integrated services. Capgemini has a unique way of working with its clients, which is called Collaborative Business Experience. Collaboration is central to the Capgemini philosophy and a pillar of their service delivery. From strategy development through to implementation, their clients benefit from their tailored approach. They work beside them every step of the way, analyzing their challenges and guiding them through transformation

Collaboration in Action
Capgemini is the partner of choice for leading businesses across all sectors. Their client Success Stories show how the Collaborative Business Experience™ helps organizations discover the freedom to increase performance through innovation.
Through the experience that comes from working with thousands of companies over the past three decades, Capgemini has identified four key elements of collaboration. They form a picture of an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, needs, and priorities and collaborate with their clients to achieve better, faster, and more sustainable results.
Targeting Value
To improve performance, you have to know exactly what you want to achieve and then establish targets all along the path your project will take.
Mitigating Risk
Project failure is a major concern. This dimension reflects Capgemini’s attention to understanding the stakes of an initiative, and the level of risk a client perceives to be inherent in the initiative. This allows Capgemini to manage these risks, reducing the chance that obstacles will slow down value realization.
Optimizing Capabilities
The optimizing capabilities dimension refers to the two-way transfer of knowledge during the project, and to efforts by Capgemini and their clients to ensure that the know-how and support necessary to sustain the value of the project is in place upon completion of the initiative.
Aligning the Organization
Initiatives often fail to provide lasting value because implementation fails or is delayed within the organization. This failure can result from a number of causes. Knowing what might inhibit implementation can shape the nature of a collaborative project and accelerate the realization of project value.

Capgemini’s Financial Services Global Business Unit

Capgemini’s Financial Services Global Business Unit accounts is well recognized for bringing deep industry experience, innovative service offerings and next generation global delivery to serve the financial services industry. Capgemini collaborates with leading banks, insurers and capital market companies to deliver business and IT solutions and though leadership which create tangible value.

Careers at Capgemini
Capgemini thrives on hiring individuals with a passion for challenge and achievement, a thirst for knowledge, and a desire to make your career with a company that embraces collaboration. Campgemini offers the following:

Choice & Diversity
Capgemini offers a multi-cultural experience. With around 120,000 people in 30 countries around the globe, you can be sure you will have the freedom to develop a challenging and diverse career.
Capgemini actively supports diversity & life balance and is committed to ensuring that all individuals are shown respect; everyone is treated fairly; and that each individual is valued.
Learning & Development
Your professional development is the key to ensuring that Capgemini retains competitive advantage. They continually develop and deliver learning programs and tools, facilitating best-in-class training and continuous education.

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