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Job Description

Job Description

  • Follow laboratory procedures as per written instructions.
  • Usean applied approach in performing moderate/complex technological functions within various laboratory operations.
  • Identifyand sortallocated samples into an order which will eliminate contamination during processing and measuring procedures, i.e. samples with known low valued species are processed before those with known high values.
  • Operateequipment and systems according to standard operating procedures (SOPs).
  • Checkprimary measuring equipment for damage and cleanliness, rejecting sub-standard items. Calibrates equipment using standard procedures to ensure that tolerance specifications are achieved., e.g. analytical balances, pipettes and burettes.
  • Transfereach primary measure of material to clean equipment, numbered or identified in an identical sequence as recorded on the worksheet / logbook or Laboratory Information System (LIMS). Records the actual mass or volume transferred for each sample.
  • Userecorded information of primary measurements, dilutions and final measurements to calculate content of species in each sample and log this into the LIMS and / or Logbooks.
  • Preparesolutions of chemical reagents required in the method of determination by accurate weighing and dilution.
  • Addmeasured quantities of acids and reagents into the samples. Applies heating to dissociate chemical species from unwanted matrix components.
  • Diluteresidual solution to a volume as specified in the correct sequence to condition specific chemical species for separation by precipitation and filtration or extraction into organic solvents.
  • Separatesolids for measurements weighing, by preparation of media, careful filtration, washing and drying to a constant mass or ensures evolved gasses are dissolved in reagent solution.
  • Manually setswitches and makes adjustments to measuring equipment to tune and optimise response for accuracy in determining each required chemical species.
  • Compilescalibration information by obtaining instrument measurements on reference materials of known value of species.
  • Userecorded information of primary measurements, dilutions and final measurements to calculate content of species in each sample.
  • Followall company health, safety and environmental policies.


  • A post secondary education (degree and/or diploma) in a Science related program (Chemistry, Geochemistry, Biochemistry etc.) is required.
  • Has to be able to write legibly and correct, understand numerical sequencing and sort numbers in sequence. Must be able to do calculations by adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.
  • Must have a fair amount of manual dexterity (ease and skill in physical movement, especially in using the hands and manipulating objects).


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