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T chc trin khai thc hin cc k hoch hnh ng, k hoch nh k ca B phn
H tr Bp ph t chc qun l, iu hnh v gim st hot ng ca Bp bao gm c b phn Tp v:
oGim st vic phn ca, b tr nhn lc, m bo nhn s vn hnh hot ng trong b phn
oTun th tiu chun v sinh an ton thc phm (theo tiu chun ISO , HACCP )
oChu trch nhim kim sot cht lng thc phm, nguyn vt liu u vo, m bo v sinh an ton thc phm
oT chc kim sot quy trnh ch bin, cht lng mn n (c v mi v, quy cch sn phm), m bo tt c cc mn n c cung cp ti khch hng ng u v t tiu chun thng hiu
oT chc kim tra, kim sot vn v sinh an ton thc phm trong Bp
oThc hin v kim sot cng tc PCCC, an ton lao ng ca cc khu vc do b phn qun l
oChu trch nhim trang tr, sp xp quy thc phm p mt, ph hp vi thit k v nh hng m thc ca khch sn. JOB REQUIREMENTS

Kim sot lng thc n nu phc v khch. m bo lng thc n tha cui mi ba n khng vt qu 10% so vi lng thc n nu cho khch
Trc tip tham gia nu cc mn n khi cn hoc theo yu cu ca cp trn.
Kim tra cc xut mua hng ca b phn, m bo tit kim chi ph v ng thm quyn ph duyt
Phi hp vi Phng Cung ng cp nht hng ha, nht l vo ma cao im, lun m bo ngun hng cht lng, di do
T chc vic bo qun v gim st cht ch hng ha ti Kho kp thi pht hin v x l cc vn bt cp, cha hp l
Ln k hoch y mnh tiu th cc mt hng cn hn, chm chuyn ng, trnh tn ng vn
Phi hp vi b phn K thut v vic kim tra, sa cha v bo dng nh k c s vt cht, my mc, cng c dng c xut mua mi/ thanh l/ hy nu cn thit
Phn cng trch nhim cho Senior Cook , th kho ca Bp
xut vi Bp trng trong trng hp c nhu cu nng cp, ci to bp, mua mi trang thit b, dng, cng c dng c trong bp chu trch nhim qun l ti sn ca Bp nh thit b, dng, dng c nh Bp. Bo ngay vi Bp trng nu xy ra h hng, mt mt. BUSINESS UNIT
Keppel Land Limited




Keppel is a multi-business company with a global footprint in more than 20 countries, providing robust solutions for sustainable urbanisation, focusing on four key areas comprising energy & environment, urban development, connectivity and asset management. With sustainability at the core of our strategy, Keppel harnesses the strengths and expertise of our business units to develop, operate and maintain real assets, which provide diverse solutions that are good for the planet, for people and for the Company. Keppel actively seeks out bright and dynamic individuals to join our talent pool. We offer our employees opportunities to grow and shape their careers, across the geographies in which we operate. Be part of our Keppel family today.

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