CFO - Giám đốc Tài chính (có kinh nghiệm IPO)

Job Description

Vai tr, trch nhim
- Qun l v iu hnh ton b hot ng Ti Chnh - K ton ca t chc
- Tham mu cho ban lnh o v chi tiu, u t, v ti chnh, k ton, thu, kim ton, php l Ti chnh ca cng ty.
-Hoch nh chin lc ti chnh, xy dng l trnh nim yt IPO 2025
-Lp k hoch ti chnh, trin khai v theo di cc hot ng ti chnh, kim sot ngn qu.
-Xy dng mt chnh sch phn chia li nhun hp l.
-T chc xy dng, phn tch bo co Ti Chnh, bo co Thu
- T chc xy dng bo co qun tr, phn tch hot ng kinh doanh, d bo hot ng ti chnh - k ton cc phng ban, d n...
- Kim sot v qun tr ri ro. Ch tr xc nh cc ri ro ti chnh, Phi hp cc phng ban trong cng ty trin khai cc gii php qun tr ri ro ti chnh
-Theo di, phn tch, nh gi v a ra cng c qun tr, d bo ri ro ti chnh

Quyn li
+ Lng hng thng (Hp dn v cnh tranh so vi th trng)
-Thng cui nm: 2 - 6 thng thu nhp da theo kt qu kinh doanh
-Chnh sch thng ESOP
-Cng ty l trng hc: Cng ty chi tr 100% cc kha hc ni b/ bn ngoi
-Vn ha doanh nghip khc bit: Vn ha phc v, mi trng tr trung, nng ng, nhiu c hi thng tin
- V cc chnh sch, phc li khc: YU CU CNG VIC

- Nam, Tt nghip i hc, c t 10 nm v qun l ti chnh ti cc doanh nghip t 1000 nhn s/ doanh thu trn 1000 t
- Yu cu bt buc: tng lm trong cc doanh nghip nim yt( tng lm trong giai on t cha nim yt sang nim yt)
-u tin lm trong lnh vc bn l, cng ty kim ton, ngn hng, ti chnh, chng khon, lnh vc sn xut s khng ph hp
- L ngi cao c tnh Trung thc, trch nhim, cu tin

a im lm vic
- Lm vic ti H Ni & Hi Dng: (50/50)
-Cng ty h tr ni cho nhn vin nu c nhu cu chuyn ti sinh sng ti HD, c xe a n trong ngy H Ni - Hi Dng




PERSOLKELLY is a joint venture established in 2016 between PERSOL HOLDINGS (previously Temp Holdings) and Kelly Services to cater to the rising workforce employment needs of the emerging Asia Pacific market. We are one of the largest workforce solutions providers in the region, spanning over 45 offices across 13 markets including Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

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