C&B Supervisor

5-7 years
10 days ago
Job Description

Job Responsibilities

  • Thc hin vic tnh lng, thng v phc li cho ton th nhn vin theo ng quy nh v quy ch lng thng ca cng ty/ Caculate salary, bonus, and benefits for all employees in accordance with the company's salary and bonus procedures and regulations.
  • Gim st cc cng tc lin quan n ch i ng, chnh sch lng, bo him, thng dnh cho ngi lao ng/ Supervise the work related to the remuneration, insurance, salary, and bonus policies for employees.
  • Lm cc bo co v tnh hnh s dng lao ng, cc bo co lng, bo co bo him, phn tch lng v cc bo co pht sinh khc/ Make reports on the employment situation, insurance report, salary reports, salary analysis and other arising reports.
  • Thc hin v chun b cc h s lin quan khi c audit ni b hoc khch hng/ Implement and prepare relevant records when there is an internal or cilent audit.
  • Thc hin cc cng vic theo s phn cng ca cp qun l trc tip/ Perform tasks as assigned by direct management.

Job Requirement:

  • Tt nghip H tr ln cc chuyn ngnh: Qun tr Kinh doanh, Lut, K ton hoc cc chuyn ngnh khc c lin quan/ University degree majors: Business Administration, Law, Account, or related majors.
  • 5 nm kinh nghim C&B, trc tip tnh lng & thng cc cng ty c quy m 1000 nhn vin/ 5 years experience, directly calculate salary & bonus in companies of size 1000 employees.
  • Am hiu Lut lao ng, lut v Bo him x hi, Lut thu TNCN/ Understand Labor Law, Social Insurance Law, PIT Law.
  • Thnh tho MS Office/ Proficient MS Office.
  • C tnh ch ng trong cng vic, nng ng, nhanh nhn/ Be proactive at work, dynamic, agile.
  • C k nng giao tip, nng lc xy dng, qun l v o to i nhm/ Have communication skills, capacity to build, manage and train teams.
  • C kh nng giao tip bng ting Anh/ Ability to communicate in English.






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