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Job Description

Job description:

- Programming and developing the Bank's systems and applications.

- Self-develop or coordinate with service providers to develop/develop IT solutions.

- Manage and develop integration services for core systems such as: T24, WAY4, BPM, CRM, CIC...

- Manage and develop API on API Gateway to serve domestic and international partners.

-Research, test, develop and apply new technology trends in development: GraphQL, Docker Container (K8s), CICD, EventSourcing, CQRS, NoSQL...

- Maintain operations of product services within management scope.

Job requirements:

Graduated from University majoring in Information Technology, Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications, Software Technology, Information Systems..

*Juniors level:

- At least 02 years of practical work at companies and projects on Mobile programming (React Native, Flutter).

- Have knowledge and experience in Objective C/Swift and Java, Kotlin programming

- Have knowledge of using state management, local storage SQLite, Shared Preference, master the operating mechanism and architecture of React Native and Flutter.

- Have knowledge and experience in proficiently using XCode, Android studio, analysis tools (Flipper, Dart devtool).

- Self-pushed at least 02 applications to 02 application stores (AppStore, CHPlay).

- Have good programming skills such as: analyzing and providing solutions to solve problems.

- Experience in finance and banking is an advantage

*For Senior level:

- Includes all general requirements of junior level.

- Have good knowledge of system architecture. Familiar with many software designs.

- At least 03 years of practical work at Backend programming companies and projects

- Minimum 1 -2 years of experience working with Microservices.

- Ability to tune performance of applications and systems.

- Have in-depth understanding of techniques/technology: MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Kafka,...

- Experience in developing and using cloud and front-end is an advantage.

- Participate in business analysis, propose solutions and implementation plans to improve and increase the efficiency of projects during the working process.

- Create a work timeline, divide tasks among team members, monitor and support members to complete their commitments.

- Leading a group of 3-6 people, helping members develop and complete assigned tasks.


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