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Why Malaysians are so unhappy with their jobs

Why Malaysians are so unhappy with their jobs
Bye, bye loyalty! More than 85% of Malaysians plan to leave their jobs this year, according to the results of a Monster poll conducted between December 2016 and January 2017. Worse, only 9% of those who took the survey said they loved their job, while 6% were unsure.

If you’re an employer feeling the heat, here’s what you should keep in mind to retain top talent:

A lack of professional development

The constant change and movement in businesses today, as well as advancements in technology, have resulted in the need for employees to continue learning, updating their skills and understanding a scope beyond their job description. In other words, being the hardest worker and just “doing the job” simply won’t cut it anymore.

Employees today want to be ninjas – agile and flexible enough to swiftly adapt to changes and stay relevant in the industry. It’s important to give them ample opportunity to climb up in their careers and ensure that they feel empowered enough to ace their jobs.

Poor morale

Malaysia hasn’t entirely escaped the 2016 slowdown. Businesses have not been performing and as a result restructures, layoffs and salary cuts have become somewhat common.

While the circumstances are inevitable, strive to keep morale up. Be sensitive and honest to those leaving. Show the ones staying how much you value them. Dissatisfaction creeps in when people begin to feel like no one listens to or appreciates them. Managers need to keep a pulse on office morale and ensure employees feel like they matter; it might save you from a staff exodus.

A bad manager

Trust between an employer and his employee is a key component in any professional relationship.

When employees begin to feel they’re not being listened to, taken for granted, treated poorly or heavily micromanaged every step of the way, it feels as though employers are shouting “I don’t trust you”. This can cause feelings incompetence, slowly chipping away employees’ confidence and work performance in the long run. It doesn’t take long for resentment to set in and one it does, it’s toxic.

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