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Up to date information on your job profile leads to better job prospects: Monster India Survey

A recent survey conducted by Monster India titled, “Does up to date information on your profile lead to better job prospects?” revealed that 82% of the respondents, mostly young professionals, thought so. Yet, how many of them actually do so?

Let’s take a look at some of the key insights from the survey that will convince you to regularly update your profile:

  • An updated job profile means better job opportunities: 81% of the respondents advocated that an up-to-date profile increased their chances of getting calls from recruiters. When your profile speaks of every recent project or certification, it shows your readiness to take on bigger challenges and explore new opportunities.

  • How often you update your profile is crucial: The survey indicates 48% of the respondents update their profile once a month, 17% once in 3 months, 13% in 3-6 months while 21% take more than 6 months. The statistics clearly show that even a slight delay on your part can harm your job search in a competitive world.

  • An updated profile can attract unexpected opportunities: Isn’t it pleasant to receive an attractive and flattering job offer when you aren’t even looking for one? Well, the survey found that 40% of the respondents with an updated job profile reportedly received calls from recruiters, without having actively applied for a job.

  • Recruiters prefer updated profiles: Recruiters don’t just review your skill set when they are considering your job profile. They also assess how professional, efficient, and capable you are. 25% of the respondents felt that a recently updated job profile is an important parameter on which the recruiters judge you.

  • The job profile is your elevator pitch: Recruiters usually just spend 6-10 seconds scanning your job profile. That’s the amount of time you have to intrigue the recruiter. In the survey, 38% of the respondents felt that the job profile should lay a strong emphasis on skills, credentials, and qualifications; so that the recruiter gets a clear idea of what you have to offer as a professional in one go.
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The survey clearly established that the majority of the professionals felt that an updated job profile is important. However, it also exposed several factors that deter them from doing so. A whopping 39% of young professionals cited the paucity of time and work pressure as the leading obstacles to updating job profiles. Others found regularly updating profiles a complex task or they weren’t looking for a change.

However, it can be safely concluded that updating your job profile regularly will line up better opportunities for you. 

Have you updated your profile yet? Update now and better your chances of getting a job faster! 

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