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Shape up Your Career with TCS iON Remote Internships

Taking an internship under a reputed brand is the dream of most freshers, isn’t it?

Well, if that’s your dream too, we tell you about the best virtual internship opportunity that you may take-up with the TCS iON Remote Internship – that connects students directly with corporates and industry mentors and provide a structured learning environment to execute the internship projects remotely.

TCS iON Remote Internship is powered by TCS iON Digital Learning Platform, which provides students with the opportunity to access industry curated learning material.

With a range of offerings in terms of projects, TCS iON prepares students, fresh graduates and final year students to take a dive into the corporate world through remote training.

As part of the remote internship program, students from different streams such as B.E., B.Tech., B.Sc., and BCA can learn the basic skills required to enter the corporate world.

TCS iON Remote Internship Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does TCS iON Remote Internship work?

The companies post internship opportunities on TCS iON Remote Internship platform. Students can browse through the listed internships, see what projects are available and apply for the relevant ones. Credits are awarded depending on the kind of projects chosen. You may find internship opportunities around the year.

2. What are the types of remote internships available?

Some of the internship available are:

  • RIO-45
  • RIO-125
  • RIO-210

3. How much time does one need to devote to an internship?

It depends on the project you work on. The projects are divided into different timeframes ranging from a 45-hours to a 210-hours internship program.

4. Is this a paid internship program?

Yes, as per the company this is a paid program for students at a very nominal cost.

5. What if the college buys the subscription for the program?

The colleges, institutes and universities may buy bulk subscriptions and then they may give the credentials to the students to take up an internship with TCS iON.

6. Will I get a certificate of completion after the internship?

Yes, the candidates will be issued a corporate certificate stating the completion of the project. 

7. Steps to starting your remote internship with TCS iON

  1. Register for the program
  2. Select buy now tab
  3. Select project of your choice from the list
  4. Select a payment method to pay the fees
  5. Start with the program

8. Popular Courses on TCS iON Platform

 Communications Skills TCS iON Cert-n-Edge – IT –    Software Engineering             Industrial     Practice
 Interview Preparation TCS iON Qualifier – CCQT –   Engineering Graduates
 Presentation Skills TCS iON ProCret – Analytics
 Email Etiquettes TCS iON GuruCool –           Introduction to   Programming
 Group Discussion TCS iON Blaze – Creative       Thinking 

Advantages of remote internship with TCS iON

  • Adds value: TCS iON is a respected name and interning here ensures that you will learn a lot of new things and will get a chance to understand complicated assignments. This can add value to your candidature for a job in the future.
  • Helps in exploring a career path: We all have fear of entering into some new field of work. The advantage of this program is that you may explore the career path you want to pursue. With a number of different trainings and assignments, this internship can make it easy for you to take an informed decision when it comes to following a career path.
  • You gain industry experience: Most companies now-a-days look for the experienced candidates who at least have a basic knowledge of working in a professional setting. This internship program provides you the industry exposure.
  • Builds confidence: Since it’s an industry driven program, you’ll be learning what’s required in a professional set-up. This will help in building your confidence and getting you ready for the real job.
  • Networking with professionals: This program provides you an opportunity to network with professionals and make connections with them. Networking is one of the important factors to get a job opportunity and this internship will give you a chance to network with the right people and help you get the job you are looking for.

So, if you are looking for a remote internship, you may explore the TCS iON Remote Internship platform.

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