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What does a Program Manager do?

What is a Program Manager job?

Program managers play a key role in industries staying on schedule and budget, which leads to growth and success. 

Many organisations need to carry out several individual projects to achieve large and comprehensive goals. And if all of these projects are connected, it can be difficult to organize them. The program manager intervenes here. The 

Program Manager oversees the achievement of larger corporate goals. Coordinate activities across multiple projects without having to manage the projects directly. Instead, it manages the main program and pays close attention to program strategy, project delegation, and program implementation. This manager has a great responsibility to understand how all team members work together and to ensure that they coordinate their efforts as they move toward larger goals.

Project manager vs. Project Manager

The Program Manager Job Description focuses on developing program goals and strategies and assessing how they affect a department, business, or organization. For each program, define and monitor the projects needed to achieve the intended goals. This is the difference between program management and project management. 

The program manager leads all projects in the program, but the project manager’s job is to lead individual projects in the program. For the program, the program manager can be thought of as an architect who creates a blueprint and delegates the execution of the project to the project manager.

What does a Program Manager do?

Tasks that align the new program with the organisation’s business strategies and goals are what the Program Manager’s job description focuses on performing strategically. High-level coordination and delegation are the focal points.  

So, what exactly is a “program”? A program typically refers to a related project or group of projects and programs that collectively support comprehensive business initiatives such as: 

  • Sales Process 
  • Product Launch 
  • Opening or Opening 
  • Marketing Plan 
  • Employee or Customer Training 

As a Program Manager, analyse the program with a comprehensive overview and leave the project manager’s daily activities. The main job and responsibility are to ensure that all project managers are working efficiently and effectively towards the goals of the program. They are responsible are also responsible for ensuring that the program offers the highest return on investment (ROI). 

Basically, one can call it a “meta-project manager” that strategically and simultaneously coordinates all the interconnected projects in the program. If one loves multitasking, this is an ideal job! 

Typical daily program management activities include: 

  • Program execution planning and monitoring. 
  • Project coordination and project interdependence management. 
  • Budget creation and management. 
  • Resource management between projects. 
  • Identify and address issues and risks. 
  • Program documentation. 
  • Stakeholder communication, negotiation, and problem-solving. 
  • Service adjustments or readjustments to program results.

Program Manager job duties include:

  • Strategy, implementation, and maintenance of program initiatives in line with business goals 
  • Developing program evaluation protocols for evaluation and improvement 
  • Overseeing multiple project teams to maintain organisational standards for satisfaction, quality, and performance. 
  • budget and fund management channels to ensure that program goals are met 
  • Scope in close collaboration with project sponsors, cross-departmental teams, and assigned project managers to maximise productivity Plan and develop results, required resources, work plans, budgets, and timing of new initiatives. 

Job brief for Program Manager:

  • Manage and coordinate programs and project teams. Highest return on investment and delegation of an initiative between projects 
  • Identify key requirements from cross-functional teams and third-party vendors. 
  • Create, manage, and manage budgets for the projects. Become local to achieve set business goals/goals 
  • Work with other program managers to identify risks and opportunities across projects within a department 
  • Program risk analysis, assessment, overcoming, and Preparing program reports for managers and stakeholders

Responsibilities of a Program Manager:

Program managers work with a variety of stakeholders, so outstanding leadership and communication skills are part of the job description. If one wants to know how to become a program manager, here are some of the other most common qualities: 

  • Very Analytical and Organised 
  • Excellent Team Builder 
  • Excellent Negotiator and Influential Person 
  • Experienced Dispute Resolution 
  • Creative Problem Solver 
  • Excellent Plan, Resources, and Stakeholder Manager 
  • One can see the big picture and market the vision

Requirements for a Program Manager job:

Many program managers have bachelor’s degrees in business administration, communications, computer science or other related disciplines such as marketing. 

Depending on the industry preferences and the size of the company one wants to work for, one may need to obtain an advanced degree such as a Master of Business Administration or Leadership. This is also a better candidate if one is new to program management and have little or no experience. 

If one is currently working or have limited time to return to school, consider getting a business degree online. For example, WGU has a number of certified online business programs that can be completed anytime, anywhere. In fact, almost two-thirds of WGU students have a Bachelor of Science degree. Thanks to a competency-based program that measures learning rather than the time spent in business administration and M.S. classes, one can earn a degree in management and leadership in less than 18 months.

Average Salary for Program Manager Job (City Based Tables):

The median salary for Indian Program Managers with no experience is Rs. 56,000 per month. Salary estimates are calculated of multiple employees, anonymously submitted by Program Manager employees.

Following are the estimated salaries for people with 6-9 years of experience as a Program Manager in different cities.

Sr. No.CityMinimum Salary (Rs. per annum)Maximum Salary (Rs. per annum)

Program Manager Job Key Skills:

The program manager should have the following: 

  • Effective leadership, interpersonal and communication skills 
  • Ability to respect among project team members and create a sense of community  
  • Sufficient knowledge of technology to plan, monitor and control programs 
  • Develop solid business cases And Approval Skills 
  • Sufficient knowledge of the procurement process, including negotiations with third parties 
  • Sufficient knowledge of programs and project management methods 
  • Budgeting and resource allocation process Sufficient knowledge about 
  • Sufficient priorities and reliability Ability to advise project teams on projects related to Program and find ways to solve or prevent problems

Why pursue a career as Program Manager job?

The career outlook for program managers is great. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, managers are expected to grow by 5% over the next 10 years. That means more than 500,000 new jobs! The Project Management Institute also forecasts the needs of 88 million people who will play a project management-oriented role over the next seven years. 

As a Program Manager, one also has a lot of room to advance the career by moving to a managerial position. These advanced-level tasks can be accomplished in the following ways: 

  • Build a portfolio and include a number of successful programs that have been promoted to design, teaching, and graduation. 
  • Take additional responsibility and do them well to make them more prominent from their peers. 
  • Continuing education through advanced degrees, accreditations, industry training or conferences. 
  • Mentoring and project management team expansion from junior projects or program managers. 

How to become a Program Manager?

  • Graduation in business management 
  • Advanced management positions experience
  • Excellent leadership, time management, moderation, organisational strength 
  • Basic knowledge of digital marketing 
  • Excellent work Knowledge Management Principles and Performance Assessment Process 
  • Stakeholder Management Skills 
  • Master’s in Business Management if needed
  • Sufficient Knowledge of Salesforce CRM Software 
  • Solid Proposal Experience

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