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Cutting Workspace Clutter: “KonMari” Through It

Cutting workspace clutter

Netflix introduced us to the cleaning queen, Marie Kondo, who has sensationalised de-cluttering and tidying up with her famous ‘KonMari method’. While the organisation expert’s show focuses on the home, her philosophy¯only hold on to items that “spark joy” ¯ can be applied to every segment of our lives, including work. 

Since we are on the topic of organisation at the workplace, here are some ways to enhance your productivity: Hacks to Be Super Productive at Work

Classifying items that spark joy at your workspace could be tricky. This is because something that doesn’t spark your joy could actually be your company’s treasure! Still, we’ll help you channelise your inner Marie Kondo, and spruce-up your workstation: 
  • Assess the mess – Prepare a mental list of all things that need organising and tidying up at your workplace; and this is not limited to your desk. That tangled mess of wires and cables, your e-mail inbox, obsolete paperwork or files on your computer, the overcrowded schedule/planner — everything that needs arrangement goes on the agenda. Once you have it, pen everything down based on priority.
  • Trim your digital relationships – Whether you work a full-time job spending time at a desk, work part time from multiple locations, or handle everything from home, your dependency on technology is inevitable. Clean up your communication channels by deleting unnecessary e-mails/chat transcripts, unsubscribing to mailers that are no longer useful, using labels to reorganise important communication, and prioritising your e-planner. It takes the efficiency factor several notches higher. Adopt the one-touch formula — every attachment goes only once — and after that, it is either saved or deleted.
  • Cable control – Get cute, functional cable/wire organisers with labels. They not just add aesthetic appeal to your desk, but also save you from the coiled mess wires somehow manage to twist themselves into!
  • Elementary, Dear Watson – Stick to the basics. Once the surface is all sanitised, a simple pen stand, and necessary stationary is a must. Anything that has been dug up from the pile of crumbly old papers, if relevant should go into the store room, or if irrelevant should be boxed and discarded. You could also do a fun DIY decorating project by covering a cabinet with motivational quotes or puns under labels in classy scripts, with important papers neatly put in their designated places for ready reference.
  • Make it yours – You do not have to go over the top with the décor, but anything classy that speaks YOU is definitely welcome. A fun mug, some handcrafted/DIY/customised paraphernalia, a lovely succulent, a quirky mouse pad, a minimalist family picture or a secret stash of snacks that make your colleagues stop by — little things that keep you happy go a long way!
Your work desk is a space that should make you more productive. Therefore, it is imperative that this part of your home or office should be inspiring and motivating. After all, it’s a place that speaks for you even in your absence. 
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