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Cashier Job Description

What Is a Cashier job?

One probably has encountered who a cashier is in general. The person in the cashier job is expected to assist customers in the in-store checkout process. This includes collecting payments, scanning items, packing, and providing appropriate changes. A cashier can be found in a variety of facilities such as grocery stores, gas stations, wholesalers, restaurants, and retail stores. 

What does a Cashier do?

The person in the cashier job scans the item, confirms that the price and quantity are correct, and collects the payment. They also assist customers with item descriptions and recommendations, answering questions, and handling exchanges and refunds. The cashier also accepts payments, issues receipts, answers inquiries, and provides customers with useful information about the location of products, promotions, or items. He also responds to complaints, handles refunds and exchanges, and keeps the workplace clean. 

Success as a cashier requires strong work ethics and a high level of accuracy. A cashier should be responsible, pay attention to your customers’ needs, and focus on providing excellent service.

Cashier job duties include:

The cashier job includes the following roles and responsibilities: 

  • Able to handle cash registers
  • Answer customer questions 
  • Balance the cash register 
  • Handle returns, exchanges, and complaints
  • Answer the phone as needed 
  • Sustaining a clean environment 
  • Promotion of loyalty plan 
  • Training and development of new cashiers 
  • Help other cashiers solve the problem 
  • Help with storage, cleaning and other chores as needed

To perform these job duties efficiently, one must possess certain qualities to be efficient at the cashier job.

  • Always have a professional look 
  • Ability to learn about products 
  • Need reliable transportation 
  • Good math skills 
  • Convenient handling of cash and currency exchange 
  • Uphold an optimistic and proficient attitude towards patrons 
  • At least a few months of basic computer experience 
  • 2 years of work experience

Job brief of a Cashier:

A candidate pursuing a cashier job must be able to perform the following tasks in the least:

  • Manage transactions with customers. 
  • Scan the item to make sure the price is correct. 
  • Collect payments in cash or credit Issue receipts, or tickets, refunds, or exchanges.
  • Use stamps and coupons. 
  • Launch of cross-selling products and new products. 
  • Resolve customer complaints, manage and provide relevant information. 
  • Greet customers arriving and departing the store. 
  • Report any discrepancies as well as track businesses on a daily balance sheet. 
  • Handling of returns and exchanges.

Responsibilities of a Cashier:

  • A cashier shall provide a positive customer experience with fair, friendly and courteous service. 
  • Create sales at the cash register by scanning items and classifying and summing customer purchases. 
  • Solve the problems and answer the customers’ questions. 
  • Perform bagging for purchased items if need be. 
  • Performs valid returns of purchases. 
  • Breakdown and total purchases by acquiring prices of taxable and non-taxable items. 
  • Operation of the cash register. 
  • Enter the price change by referring to the price list and special sales bulletin. 
  • Discounts on shopping by redeeming coupons. 
  • Collect payments and make changes to cash customers by accepting cash, check, or coupons from customers. 
  • Confirm your credit acceptance by verifying and recording your driver’s license number. 
  • Operation of credit card authentication system. 
  • Tally out the cash register by keeping a tab on the cash inflow and outflow. 
  • The cashier must be able to provide the customers with pricing information by answering the questions. 
  • Following procedures and policies. 
  • They must ensure a safe and clean working environment by following procedures, rules and regulations. 
  • Contribute to the team’s performance by providing the right results when they are needed.

Requirements for a Cashier job:

  • At least graduated from high school. 
  • Customer service or checkout experience. 
  • The ability to handle transactions correctly and responsibly. 
  • High level of energy with excellent customer service skills. 
  • Basic knowledge of mathematics and computers.
  • The ability to stand, walk, lift heavy objects, and collaborate with other team members to provide excellent service in a fast-paced environment. 
  • Attention to detail. 
  • Kind and friendly handling of complaints.

Average Salary for Cashier Job (City Based Tables):

The median salary for an Indian Cashier job with no experience is Rs. 13,000 per month. Salary estimates are calculated of multiple employees, anonymously submitted by Cashier job employees.

Following are the estimated salaries for people with 1-2 years of experience in a Cashier job in different cities.

Sr. No.CityMinimum Salary (Rs. per annum)Maximum Salary (Rs. per annum)

Cashier Job Key Skills:

If you want to be a good cashier, you need to have certain skills. What comes to mind is good customer service skills. After all, cashiers are often the most important employee to communicate with customers. 

This is more important to employers than many understand. Cashiers are often the face of a business that buyers/customers remember. For this reason, some companies are very careful about hiring the right people as cashiers. Take a look at other great cashier skills: 

  • Customer Service 
  • Basic math 
  • POS system operation
  • Price scanner efficiency 
  • Interpersonal ability 
  • Sales and marketing 
  • Ability to stay calm under pressure 
  • Familiarity 
  • Listening ability 
  • Attention to details 
  • Positive attitude
  • Time management 
  • Product knowledge 
  • Dispute resolution 
  • Patience 

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Why pursue a career as a Cashier job?

Pursuing a cashier job will provide certain personal benefits to any candidate, such as:

Planning flexibility 

Cashiers often have a lot of flexibility in their schedules because they work in retail stores and other businesses that serve their audience. Parents can work with their employers to develop work schedules that meet their childcare needs. High school and college students can work at night and on weekends to adjust their work schedules to suit their class schedules. The large 24-hour retail store offers cashiers who want or need to work at night. 

Customer interaction 

Being a cashier can be an attractive position for people who enjoy interacting with the general public. The cashier talks to customers at the time of purchase and acts as customer service by answering questions and resolving complaints. At peak times, cashiers often experience a stable flow of customers through the line, which allows them to move their workdays faster. 


Some cashiers who work for large retailers can take advantage of benefits even if they work part-time. Full-time cashiers are entitled to long-term benefit programs, including severance pay and paid leave. Some companies also offer employee discounts on their products. 

Career Opportunities 

Cash positions often lead to promotion opportunities. To move forward, cashiers must be able to demonstrate responsibility and strong social skills. Many senior positions require at least a high school diploma, but a college degree is often required to serve as a director.

How to become a Cashier?

A person wanting to become a cashier must:

  • Work experience in a retail cashier or similar sales position. 
  • Basic knowledge of PC.  
  • Familiarity with electronic devices such as cash registers and POS. 
  • Good math skills. 
  • Excellent communication skills and time management skills. 
  • Customer satisfaction-oriented degree.
  • Positive and informative attitude towards customers, including the ability to speak clearly and convey information accurately. 
  • Capability to handle refunds, coupons, and gift cards. 
  • Should be able to stand for long hours.
  • Should be able to lift, move, and handle the weight of about 20-25kg.
  • Knowledge of cash desk operations such as cash, credit cards and receipts.

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