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Career Options After BSC

When you think about Science, I don’t think you can go even a single day without it. From the toast you eat for breakfast, to you commuting to school, to communicating with the whole world is all Science. The matter of fact is that without Science, there is no disease but also no vaccine. So Science is powerful, but to handle it requires a great responsibility towards nature and humanity. 

If you feel you are up for BSc career options, the apt career could be Bsc science. Basic Science is a bachelor in Science. This course can be pursued after you grade 12. Many people fear this career as they term it as challenging. However, I would like to give you a little overview of this career.

Bsc (Bachelor of science)  is a three year course and Bsc career options are preferred by the students of the science stream studying in various boards indian or international like IB (International baccalaureate), CBSE (central board of secondary education), ICSE( Indian certificate of secondary education), IGCSE (International general certificate of secondary education). Therefore, the students want to gain in-depth knowledge in science and technology by pursuing Bsc career options.

Career options after BSc are quite many. The career options after BSc broaden your perspective of seeing the world and the simplified explanation of all kinds of things happening on the planet and in space. Compared to other careers like law or medicine, Bsc career options are shorter and prepare you for many skills. Following is a list of advantages of Bsc career options.

  • It improves the research and development sector, so the nation is more secure, efficient, productive, competitive and advanced. This way, graduates of BSc are assets for the government.
  • Research companies and institutions will hire you.
  • You become systematic, learn to investigate and explore 
  • You create and take up projects. 
  • You can find solutions or better methods to modern-day problems.

You can expect a favourable job in this career by studying subjects like home science, life sciences, analysis and statistics, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, computer-science, biotechnology, bioengineering, microbiology and much more. 

Now the problem which a lot of people face is the assurity of their career after pursuing Bsc. People often wonder about the career options after bsc. You don’t have to worry, there are numerous career options after bsc.

The best course after bsc can be a tough choice to make. This blog post will comprise of the various bsc degree career options, job opportunities options and perusal of further education in this field like the master career options. In this blog you will get a list of 20 career options which you can take up after completing the bachelor in science degree.

Bsc career options

1. Serve in the government

Once you have completed your BCS and are clueless about what you can do next, you can choose to join the Indian government. It provides you with various job opportunities like IPS (Indian Police Service), IFS (Indian Foreign Service), IAS(Indian administrative services), jobs at the railway or defence sector is also available. 

Some more include IES (Indian Engineering Services), PSUs (Public Sector Companies), Indian Forest Service. They require a bachelor degree and then you have to prepare for the exams for these jobs. 

Government jobs can be said to be the most reliable ones as you will get good pay regularly, get benefits from the government, have an excellent status, and a pension after retirement. 

2. Join the Indian Army

After the bcs degree, you can join the Indian army as commissioned officers. You will be asked to pass their test. You will be applicable for technical jobs and also non-technical ones. If you have done bsc computer science,it is also a decent option to consider as you can apply for data handling, air traffic controlling jobs.

When we look at the data for the best preferred degrees for army jobs

This is one of the fastest-growing fields within the nation and has applications across a spread of industries. Computer engineers learn both technology and software design making them the proper architects of networks, network security solutions, and computer programs. Computer engineers are also masters of hardware/software integration as they understand how the software and hardware interact deeper. Military experience is a powerful asset to awaken this field and reveal opportunities working for defence contractors, the DoD, DHS, FBI and various other three-letter agencies, and countless opportunities within the private sector.

3. Law 

Many decide to make their career in law after their graduation. You could be one of them. Although there is an option for the LLb 3 year course, it is less extensive than the ones offered at the UG level (BA LLB, BSc LLB, BBA LLB, or BCom LLB) it will give you a recognized career in law.

These are some of the job lookouts after the LLB degree

  • Lawyer.
  • Become an advocate
  • Attorney.(of nation)
  • Work for companies 
  • Work for the government agencies 
  • Be a lawyer/advocate in the army
  • Legal Consultant 
  • Arbitrator

4. Biostatistician

One of the best Career options after bsc is being a biostatistician. This might be a job which you don’t hear about commonly, but according to Forbes, biostatistics graduates can look forward to a higher job opportunity as the market of biostaticians is likely to grow more powerful than average in the coming years. 

If you have doubts, you can take a look at the six reasons why biostaticians make a good career. 

If you appreciate a collaborative work environment that needs you to interact with colleagues from a spread of professional backgrounds, biostatistics can be a sensible choice for your concentration.

By nature, this career invites you to try ground-breaking work on a day to day basis. Many public health specialists add research jobs, but few have the chance to try to do work which will change lives on a world scale.

When you concentrate on mathematics, science, or another STEM field, you regularly specialize in hard data and cold facts. Amongst the most important benefits of pursuing a biostatistics field and getting an employment opportunity to take your career to the next level is that you will understand the issues of the planet and will be able to resolve them. Instead, every project you join virtually and every statistic that you collect will relate to issues that mathematicians, scientists, politicians, and public health experts pander to everyday problems.

If you’re considering a biostatistics job, it is likely that you just are an intelligent student who often looks out for  opportunities to expand your knowledge. Once you get into the public health sector with biostatistics education , you’ll find yourself taking up testing and interesting challenges around every corner. If you feel you love to solve problems or consider yourself as an intellect this is the right place for you. 

As an expert in biostatistics, you will have many career opportunities to contemplate during a wide selection of fields. While many can be fruitful,  rewarding for personal growth, helps to develop a professional stature, and most significantly you will be contributing to the greater welfare of the nation and world.

While following a Biostatistics and Epidemiology track, you’ll have the unique opportunity to earn a Master of Public Health online through the Keck School of medication of the University of Southern California. This will be your commencement toward a rewarding career in public health.

5. Own a pharmacy/ be a chemist

 Can you imagine that a BSc career options could be to become a chemist? 

Chemist handles a drugstore that sells drugs and medicines of prescription and also ones without a prescription. In addition, there are other creams and cosmetics, bandages, and aids that could be used for medical and non-medical purposes.

These Bsc degree career options will make you do an extra course . To be a chemist, a pharma degree can take you there, it is a short and a less complicated course.

In india, you could earn about ₹10,368 per month to ₹47,146 per month

6. Technical writer

Bsc career options include being a technical writer. This person is a communicator who transfers challenging data from one source to another. They conduct research and deliver to different media. 

This career requires less qualification, you can do jobs from part-time to full-time jobs. 

7. Teacher

You can choose to become a teacher after bcs, however you have to attain a masters degree to opt for teaching. If you chose to teach at university, you would need a phd degree to profess. 

Nevertheless, you can still become a higher secondary teacher as a career options after bsc.

Being a teacher is a respectable job, you learn everyday and get to spend time with the younger generation.

8. Scientific assistant 

A scientific assistant provides support to the scientist who carries research to develop projects, and search about existing phenomena. He is required to help the scientist in conducting experiments and research. He will be the head of administration and logistics. 

To take this career options after bsc, the people need physics as a key factor along with computer science, technology, electronics from a reputed university with high marks. 

9. Research analyst 

 Here’s a quick summary to become a research analyst 

  • Step 1: Get a degree (bsc)
  • Step 2: Do other certifications depending on your field 
  • Step 3: Go for an internship to get experience 
  • Step 4: Join the industry and help the economy to grow 

Research analyst is in demand by various organisations, from laboratories, to companies. They recommend, give suggestions and create study reports for different companies.

10. Go for a masters in science (M.Sc)

Master career options is one of the best and the most popular bsc career options. 

It is a two year master’s degree which is pursued after the Bachelor’s degree. It is one of the preferred higher degrees. 

It will be a gateway to higher job posts as it creates a good-looking profile. 

These are six reasons that will clarify taking up a master’s degree in this field.

  • You will get an opportunity to explore and create your own investigations rather than chasing companies and jobs. This will help in your personal growth and give more creative innovations to the world.
  • You can learn unique skills, you will develop new interest and become more professional in your area of work
  • It’s not funny but some students mourn about rejection from their favourite universities. Now if you have better hold on studies, you could retry to get into your dream universities or dream countries.
  • It is expensive but worth a try as the foremost thing is your passion, dedication and involvement in the field

These are some job opportunities options/career options after bsc are as follows

  • Scientist,(any field) 
  • Mathematician,
  • Biochemist, 
  • Food & Drug specialist
  • A Chemical Analyst,
  • Become a Statistician, Lab Technician, 
  • Professor at university 

Master career options

11. MCA

Like Msc, there is another higher level degree which is called MSA (Masters in computer applications)

The four components in this course are as follows

  • Core computer concepts,
  • non-core computer courses,
  • software development,
  •  design
  • mathematics.

MCA (Master of Computer Applications) is a Master’s Degree career option. It is a three-year course in computer science. This program focuses on the development of applications and creating programming tools. They aim to make language and tools for faster application in the software world. They can then get good jobs in the IT sector.

  • Do a job in a company
  • Job requires the traditional procedure. 
  • Select a suitable job
  • Check requirements
  • Check salary
  • Check whether it matches your interests
  • Check work protocols
  • Check location of the job
  • Check flexibility
  • Create resume 
  • Prepare for interview
  • Be open
  • Learn new skills
  • Help the business and other employees to grow

Get in touch with IT skills

IT skills are high in demand now. These skills are easy to learn if you have a BCS degree or are even otherwise interested in IT. The IT jobs are heavily increasing, especially in this post-pandemic period. All technology-related jobs will be a booster.

Machine learning has become a necessity now. It is very important to be able to apply theory into practice. The modern day requires investment in science and technology. As the demand for skilled and certified Data Science experts is at peak, more and more people are opting for Data Science and Machine Learning courses.

With these IT skills, you can go to companies which depend on artificial intelligence like the automobile or the aeronautics industry. Besides that there are a lot of jobs you can do with a good IT degree. 

12. MBA

When considering Career options after bsc, like law, MBA is another career which accepts a graduate degree from any field. 

MBA is a favorite career option amongst B.Sc graduates as it has a great scope. A management degree not only offers a management degree, but can also equip you with leadership traits, management skills, and entrepreneurial perspective in addition to your knowledge of Science.

Master of Business Administration, (MBA) is a widely taken course across the world.  This course is for the business world. It is recognised internationally. This career options after bsc is also quite challenging to achieve.

This MBA can help you improve your technical skills and knowledge of business. It will give you an upper hand over other people in the business sector as will technical knowledge. It will give you posts at the top giants, and will give higher posts.

It is not a bad idea for B.Sc graduates to go into the management sector. Bcs graduates can use their experimental and research skills which are very useful in the corporate sector.

13. Research in the field of science

Research is an interesting career as it makes you swim in a never ending sea. It is an academic career, however it requires your 200 percent day and night. 

It is not restricted to office hours, a career in research means it becomes your way of life and thinking. You can play your part in doing the greater good for people.

Venturing out for flourishing work for the nation and beyond.

14. ISRO

Joining ISRO is the dream of many aspiring scientists. For joining as ISRO Scientist the qualification in education required is Msc or Btech. The best course after bsc is Mcs as I have also mentioned earlier. This degree can take you to high level work organisations such as ISRO.

The degree of Msc can be acquired in Physics, chemistry or mathematics. If you wish to join ISRO after your bcs, it is possible. However for this you can admit yourself as a join as Technical Assistant. ISRO Indian Space Research Organization is actually a very triumphant and also amongst the largest space agency. On the other hand, if you have a Mcs degree in hand you can directly be promoted to being a scientist.

Now here’s what you can do in ISRO

You can develop satellite products and tools for India. 

You can control and manage 

  • Weather forecast 
  • Manage natural calamities 
  • Broadcasts and telecommunication
  • Geographic statistics
  • Navigation and cartography softwares
  • Telemedicine 
  • Cartography
  •  Navigation
  •  Telemedicine
  • Space research and extraterrestrials creatures

Other job profiles

15. Agricultural Engineering 

It is the study of the practical application of engineering, science and design based technology required for horticulture and agriculture purposes. There are many disciplines inculcated in this field.

Here’s a list of a few so you can see the career options after bsc. Here’s a list of few so you can see the career options after bsc:

If you are interested in biotechnology, agricultural engineering might be one of the profitable Career options after bsc. 

So, in this field one has to research and develop new techniques for agriculture

It involves the evolution of new technologies for the production and post- production of crops. This could be achieved through the traditional and the technology based-methods.

It might require some practical work but definitely a lot of technical work.

In this sector, you have to work towards making India’s agriculture system sustainable, productive, efficient, profitable and competitive with help of your research, experimental, mechanical, and creative thinking skills. You also have to make sure that the use of energy is suitable for the environment. 

You have to initiate development very specific to each region and try to curb the local problems for farmers and the general public related to agriculture.

16. Civil engineering

Civil engineers? Everybody has heard of them. You cannot expect a beautiful looking infrastructure without their hard work and innovation.

These are some projects handled by civil engineers

  • Handle transportation projects
  • Construct and maintain roads
  • Build tunnels
  • Build dams and sewage system
  • Construct airports, seaports and railway stations
  • Construct bridges and highways
  • Maintain and restore monuments
  • Take private and government projects

The average salary in dollars for a civil engineer is between $88,570 per year-$42.58 per hour

If you are still not convinced, you can take a look at the reasons to become a civil engineer.

  • This job has variations. You will be taking up new projects every now and then. This way you can travel a lot, meet new people, and learn brand new skills each day. It’s less likely you will get bored form these career options after bsc.
  • It is a creative process. Not only fine arts but civil engineering require the knowledge of perspective, volume, colour, space, balance, proportion, rhythm. It will pull you out your comfort zone and create something different every time you step out of bed
  • Who does not like to be a part of the group? Being a civil engineer is one of the best course after bsc as it will allow you to work in a team. You will learn to coordinate corporate, develop patience and street knowledge when you get in the field. It’s not only about calculations. You will see the world with a nuanced understanding.
  • If you feel you get bored sitting at home and you want some adventure, bsc career options like this will give you an opportunity to travel across the world. You will be diverse and be able to widen your horizons. You will learn about different cultures and their arts across the globe.
  • Yes it will make a difference in your life. They can be part of their community more closely and will be able to do social service. You can bring about a positive change in the world. You can work and simultaneously be proud about your contribution.

17. Criminologists

The average annual salary in criminology is INR 3 lakh per annum​, and it can increase up to 10 lakh per annum depending on your experience and knowledge.

A criminologist is a specialized scientist or can be called an analyst who studies and analyses and also predicts criminal intentions and actions.

These scientists can be found in  

  • law enforcing organisations
  • Laboratories of government
  • Work at universities
  • Take part in investigating crimes
  • Police
  • Intelligence agencies
  • Universities of psychology 

18. Forensic science

Bsc career options gives a chance to have job opportunities options related to Forensic science.

It is the application of scientific methodology and procedures when testifying criminals or any law related issue. Forensic science is used to investigate criminals, collect evidence and have a role in convicting or bailing criminals. 

The key focus of forensic science is to 

  • Work with  physical evidence through recognition and different kinds of testing
  • Identification of marks, fingerprints
  •  Conducting tests 
  • Evaluating data 
  • Forensic science relies on various forms of science—including chemistry, biology and physics—to analyze and interpret criminal-related data.

The application of forensic science is in the following areas. 

  • Collection of  evidence from crime scenes
  • Preserve and label specimens for testing and further analysis 
  • Interpret criminal data and profiles 
  • Assist in legal proceedings such as criminal or civil court cases
  • Finding the cause of a crime or at times the purpose of the criminal
  • Analyze evidence, foreshadow and generate hypotheses for crime.

A list of some job opportunities options as career options after bsc. 

  • Fingerprint analyst 
  • Forensic science technician
  • Evidence specialist
  • Forensic specialist
  • Manager of forensic department
  • Forensic accountant
  • Forensic engineer
  • Forensic investigator
  • Forensic psychologist
  • Forensic pathologist 

Through this blog I have opened up job opportunities options, bsc degree career options, master career options, career options after bsc, best course after bsc.

I hope I was able to give a good range for bsc career options. Now you should not hesitate about taking this course because you have thousands of options waiting for you. This list has only given you options but the fact is there are still many.

It is important that you explore bsc career options yourself and identify what you are made for doing, where you can spend hours without keeping track of time, which will not be a burden for the rest of your life. You should be passionate and keen about any path you choose. 

Finally, there is no best course after bsc, it is very subjective to you. Also, read about each bsc career options thoroughly, don’t rush, research well. Make your choice wisely keeping in mind that you will be a entering the career options after bsc in future so the changes in market trends should be your also priority. 


1. Is it possible to pursue an MBA after completing a BSc?

Ans: Yes, MBS exams are open to BSc grads. MBA is only useful if a BSc applicant does not want to pursue a career in science. It is absolutely up to you where you choose to work in your life.

2. What are the subjects covered in a BSc? 

Ans: There are approximately 150 BSc programmes available, each with a varied course duration. You have the option of choosing your course based on your preferences.

3. How to obtain a BSc degree? 

Ans: Various universities provide 3- to 5-year BSc and International programmes. Some institutions hold their own entrance exam for admission, while others accept students based only on their Class 12th grades.

4. What is the difference between a General BSc and a Plain BSc? 

Ans: The BSc General programme is aimed to give candidates with a foundation in science. It usually covers all main scientific topics.

5. Is it possible for a Commerce student to pursue a BSc? 

Yes, we all know that IT is considered a Science stream course, however many colleges accept Commerce students.  This course was created with candidates from the Commerce stream in mind. After graduating, you can pursue postgraduate studies such as M.Com IT and M.Sc.

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