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About me in resume for Freshers

There are many parts to a resume, and every single one of them is important, especially if one is a fresher and does not have any experience to back up the skills. One such part of the resume is the Profile Summary which can also be called about me in resume for freshers. 

The profile summary is the first impression that one has on the employer. If they like what they read in that one paragraph, they decide to move further into reviewing the resume. This is why it is essential to carefully frame the about me in resume for freshers to summarize all the skills and qualifications to impress the recruiter. 

What is a resume profile summary?

Think of the profile summary, as a sales pitch. It should be convincing enough to get you the job. It is usually said that one needs to have the right sales and marketing skills to ace the job interviews. But to get the interview, first, the selection stage needs to be cleared where the resume plays a major role. For this reason, only, it is advised to refer to fresher resume samples while preparing one. 

As there are samples for resumes, there are samples for profile summary also. And based on these samples, it can be said that about me in resume for freshers is a paragraph that contains a summarized version of all the skills, qualifications, aspirations, and achievements, which make the applicant a worthy candidate for the job.

The appropriate length of the about me in resume for freshers should not be less than two statements and should not exceed five. 

What to include and not include in a profile summary

Things to include:

  • The tone of the summary should show eagerness.
  • Briefly mention the qualification, skills, achievements, and experience.
  • Make sure to use the right keywords related to the job description.

Things not to include:

  • Never be too descriptive about the details in the about me in resume for freshers.
  • Avoid mistakes of any kind.
  • Do not write about outdated details or skills that the candidate does not know about themselves. 
  • Do not mention unnecessary personal details.

Profile summary writing tips

Follow these writing tips to write a more impactful Profile Summary-

1. Be smart and specific

Mention only the achievements, skills, and experiences that are relevant to the job position. Writing too much information can lead to loss of interest on the employer’s side, which one does not want. So, frame the details in a way that achievements and experiences back the skills.

2. Be brief

This goes without saying that a resume should not have paragraphs of information. So, do not try to elaborate every single detail about me in resume for freshers. Only that much should be written in this head that will keep the employer interested in the candidate.

3. Proofread

To avoid any mistakes regarding spelling or grammar, make sure to proofread the summary. If the employer finds such a mistake in the first line of the resume, it can make a wrong first impression. Again, one can refer to samples of resume profile summary to have a better frame.

4. Be optimistic and enthusiastic

The about me in resume for freshers should have a tone that shows that the candidate is enthusiastic about working with the company and is also optimistic that they can handle the job responsibilities. 

This can be one of the resume sample examples:

Why is a resume profile summary important in a resume?

A profile summary is necessary for both experienced and freshers. It is a way to grab the recruiter’s attention not to overlook the candidates’ resumes and applications. As the name suggests, it summarizes all the details that are further mentioned in the resume. If the about me in resume for freshers is adequately written, there is a higher chance of getting the interview call.

Another reason behind writing a profile resume is that it contains all the necessary keywords related to the job. So, when companies/recruiters use the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), there is a greater possibility that the applicants with proper keywords in their profile summer will get shortlisted.

One more reason to write a profile summary is that it highlights the right information. No recruiter has the time to closely review all the hundreds of resumes. But when they get resumes with a profile summary that highlights the requirements they want from the future employee, they shortlist such candidates. 


Profile Summary or about me in resume for freshers has equal importance as in an experienced resume. In the current situation of intense competition in the job market, it is becoming more and more difficult to stand out. So, one needs to try, not only in terms of skills and achievements but, also by preparing a proper resume. After all, it is the first impression of a candidate on the employer. Thus, next time when updating the resume do not forget to update the about me in resume for freshers.


1. Where is the Profile Summary written in the resume?

The profile summary is written at the very beginning of the resume. Once the personal information is mentioned, after that, the next head is the profile summary. Since, it is the first thing eth recruiter reviews, put efforts in framing the sentences to leave a lasting impression.

2. Is it necessary to write a profile summary in a fresher resume?

Profile summary is something that mentions all the below information in brief. So, it does not matter if the resume is of a fresher or experienced, it should be added to the resume. 

3. Can the job description be used as a reference when writing the summary?

Having a clear understanding of the job description and the responsibilities always helps with writing the resume. Such information will be useful in adding the right skill sets and keywords to the profile summary.

4. How much can I elaborate on in the profile summary?

Summary stands for being brief. Thus, try to keep the summary within 4-5 sentences. Only mention the needed details, do not go into too much detail. If one wants, they can even just write 2 sentences in the summary.   

5. What keywords are written in a profile summary?

The keywords are the necessary skills, relevant credentials, and achievements that meet the job requirements. Keywords are the words that can show the recruiters that you are fit for the job, in a single glance. 

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