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Programming in C Important Questions

If you want to have a successful career in the technical field, it’s important to prepare for a job interview in C Programming. If you have an interview coming up, this guide can help you ace it easily.

We have put together a list of 10 crucial interview questions about the C language, along with answers, to help you pursue your dream of becoming a software engineer or developer in your desired company.

C Language Important Questions

1. What do you mean by C language?

The interviewer is trying to assess your basic understanding of the language here. You need to articulate your answer well. A good answer would be that C is a procedural or structured programming language where large programs are systematically broken down into smaller modules that use structured code. An extremely useful language, C is largely a technique that minimizes the chances of error and misinterpretation.

2. Explain the different features offered by the C programming language?

Make sure that you mention the most important features here including:

# C is a simple yet structured programming language with a rich set of operators and a fundamental flow control construction.

# It has 32 keywords only with several predefined functions.

# It is a highly portable programming language that permits mixed mode operations as well as all data conversions.

#C features an extensive variety of data types such as structures, arrays, pointers, and unions.

# This is a language where a recursive function is possible.

3. Why is C programming known as the mother language?

It is known as the mother language since most of the JVMs and compilers are written in C programming. Furthermore, most of the other technical languages such as C++, JavaScript, Python, Rust, etc. borrow heavily from C language.

4. Explain the basic data types associated with C?

Here, you need to talk about the most important ones including Int – that represent a number (integer), Float – that represent a number with a fraction part, Double –that represent double-precision floating point value, Char – that represent a single character, and Void – that represent special purpose type without any value.

5. What do you mean by NULL pointer?

The NULL pointer is one that doesn’t refer to any address of value but NULL. In an ideal situation, if we assign a ‘0’ value to a pointer of any type, it becomes a Null pointer. In simpler words, explain that the Null is a special reserved value of a pointer in C.

6. Define a pointer in C language?

This is one of the common questions asked at C interview. You need to explain here that a pointer is a variable that basically refers to the address of a value to make the code optimised and perform faster.

E.g.: Data type *p; the syntax here tells that p is a pointer variable that holds the address number of a given data type value.

7. Explain the use of the function in C language?

Here, you’re required to explain the main ones such as C functions can be called any number of times from any place, they are used to avoid rewriting the same code again, and C function breaks bigger tasks into smaller tasks to make the language more understandable

8. Explain an array in C?

A good answer would be: Array is a group of similar types of elements that have a contiguous memory location. Arrays are of 2 different types’ one-dimensional array and multidimensional array and it makes the code optimized as well as easy to sort.

9. What is recursion in C language?

The process when a function calls itself is known as recursion and the function that calls itself is known as a recursive function. The recursive function comes in two phases, namely winding phase and unwinding phase.

10. Explain structure in C language?

Here, you need to explain that the structure in C programming is a user-defined data type that allows storing multiple types of data in a single unit. It is also important to mention that the structure members can be accessed only through structure variables.

Other important questions that you can expect at your c programming interview include:

a. Can you explain the concept of the dangling pointer in C?

b. What is the main difference between abs () and fabs () functions?

c. What is header file and what is its usage in C programming?

d. Explain the difference between FOR and WHILE loop?

e. What is your explanation for prototype function in C?

f. What is your understanding of stack in C?

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Advanced C programming Interview Questions

Some of the advanced questions that you can be asked at the C language interview may include:

a. Explain the difference between ++x and x++?

b. Explain the meaning of sequential access file?

c. How do you explain the difference between the static and dynamic library linking?

d. Explain the difference between the = symbol and == symbol?

e. What are the different data types associated with programming Language C?

f. Talk about the difference between call by reference and call by value and in C language?

Remember that facing a technical interview is not only about showcasing your knowledge to the interviewer.

It is equally important to be comfortable and confident during the process. Taking care of small things like positive body language, speaking in the active voice, and managing the overall attitude during the interview can reflect your willingness to work and increases your chances of selection.

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